Her makeup artist shares his secrets for recreating the perfect party look

By Jillian Ruffo
March 09, 2017 09:01 AM

Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo‘s has created gorgeous looks for Ashley Graham, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid and basically every other major model in the industry. He’s a master at smoky eyes, bold lips and that effortless supermodel glow. Now, the pro is revealing the secrets behind one of his signature looks — an easy, flawless cat eye — in the “How It’s Done” video, above.

“I love to play up Bella’s eyes, that’s why whenever we do a makeup look, it’s always eye-focused, because I am so inspired by her eyes,” Oquendo tells PeopleStyle. “For that particular look, I wanted something long and sleek and sexy. That night she was wearing a suit, so it was very masculine/feminine. I mean even if you eat off your lipstick or if all your makeup goes to hell, your liner is there, especially if it’s waterproof, you always have a little something on.”

After perfecting her skin, Oquendo added a light contour to the eyes using a sweep of bronzer and a fan brush. Then, he brightened the eyes with a swipe of beige eyeliner on the lower water lines.

“Any time I am using something dark around the eyes, I tend to use a beige on the inner rim because otherwise you just go really dark,” he explains. “If that’s the look you’re going for, it’s sexy, but some women can’t take it. And more and more women want that fresh look, and I feel like the trend is there and not necessarily the dark kohl-rimmed eye, which I love, but it’s more about fresh makeup right now.”

Next, the pro got to work on the wing, using an angled brush and black gel eyeliner to create a smooth line. “The key is the brush,” he says. “It doesn’t have so much resistance, and it’s at an angle.”

And to achieve the perfect placement, Oquendo recommends lining your brush up with your water line, which “makes the eye really defined and stand out. And you want to use waterproof [eyeliner] so it doesn’t transfer onto the beige you did on the lower lash line.”

Finally, the pro used a pointed Q-tip and a tiny bit of makeup remover to smooth any imperfections before adding a few coats of mascara to add even more definition. And to finish the look, he applied a sheer coat of lip balm.

–Reporting by Jackie Fields

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