The Bachelor star, who has been very candid about her struggle with acne, has a new trick for fighting breakouts

By Jillian Ruffo
May 17, 2018 07:26 PM

After years of medications, topical creams and diet changes, Bachelor star Bekah Martinez says she’s finally found the cure for her acne — and not only is she sharing her secret, she’s posting the photos to prove it.

It’s not the first time that the 23-year-old contestant from Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor has shared her skin struggles on social media. But now, Martinez is opening up about her newfound secret for clearer skin, which she says isn’t Accutane (a powerful prescription drug used to treat severe acne breakouts), which she’s done three times, or a product like Proactiv. Instead, it’s a matter of adding gut-friendly foods into her diet.

Martinez shared two photos on Instagram, one showing the original condition of her skin (above), and one now (below). “REAL TALK: my skin used to look like this for YEARS,” she writes about the photo above, adding, “and now (thank god) if you swipe left it looks like this!”

The secret, she says, is introducing specific raw foods to her diet, which have improved her internal gut health as well as her complexion. And while she hasn’t shared her diet just yet, studies have shown that foods that are high in good bacteria, like fermented cabbage (sauerkraut or kimchi) or kefir yogurt, are known to promote gut health.

And we’ll soon find out more from Martinez, who says she plans on sharing the details with her fans.

“Only recently did I discover it came down to my gut health, which I’ll be sharing a hell of a lot more about in the next few weeks. No, it’s not plexus or any other supplement, it’s real raw food that you have to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis.”

Her goal in sharing her findings? Simply to spread the word about what could cure other peoples’ breakouts. “I just want to help as many people as possible find the solution to their acne or feel beautiful in the meantime,” she says.

Credit: Instagram

Recently, Martinez posed with a fellow Bachelor alum, Ashley Iaconetti, in a makeup-free photo that showed both of their blemishes. “No makeup, no filter from two girls with acne issues. #realstagram,” Iaconetti captioned the shot.

Martinez is known for getting really real with her followers, like the time she revealed she stopped shaving her armpits saying, “Bottom line I just don’t care.”

She also doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking airing her grievances on what it’s like being a contestant on The Bachelor, and how much it impacted her bank account.

“Shoes were a thing: I needed a bunch of heels that I didn’t have. I probably spent about $700 or $800 on that stuff, but when I got back to Los Angeles, I was so broke I returned everything that still had tags on,” the reality star told Glamour magazine in an interview.

“I can imagine some of the girls who didn’t have the resources to borrow things from showrooms or friends probably spent a significant amount of money—at least a couple thousand, easily. Everything [Seinne Fleming] had was from, like, Free People and Anthropologie,” she said. “I imagine she spent the most out of everyone because she had so much cute, brand-new stuff.”