The 23-year-old Bachelor contestant thought she would by vying for Peter Kraus' heart when she posed for this photo

By Kaitlyn Frey
March 13, 2018 04:11 PM

Bekah Martinez made sure to pull out all the stops for her application to make sure she landed on spot on The Bachelor.

Martinez, 23, who quickly gained attention as the outspoken, youngest castmember on Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s season of the hit ABC reality show, showed fans a glimpse of what it took her to earn a spot vying for the Bachelor’s heart.

The Bachelor star shared the casting photo she sent in on Instagram — back when it was presumed that Bachelorette contestant Peter Kraus would be named the Bachelor — where she went braless (showing a hint of side boob) beneath overalls and a tied headband while painting “Bekah + Peter” on a wall.

“THESE ARE THE LENGTHS MY CHEESY A– REALLY WENT TO FOR MY BACHELOR CASTING PHOTOS 😭😭😭 #Blindsided#DidntKnowWhatWasComing,” Martinez captioned the photo, seemingly referring to the last-minute Bachelor casting shakeup. She added, “This isn’t me hitting on ol’ Pete. He’s too busy cuddling with his dog and doing pull-ups or something.”

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Luyendyk Jr. ultimately sent Martinez home during a two-on-one date with fellow contestant Tia Booth, 26, deciding he didn’t think she was ready for marriage.

“I’ve never gotten so much judgment in my life about how old I am,” said the nanny. “I simmered on it for three months. I wanted so badly to be able to just let it go. But every time I would think about her, I would get livid. Watching it again, I wanted to throw something at the TV.”

Paul Hebert/ABC

Martinez also didn’t hold back her disapproval of Luyendyk Jr.’s decision to propose to Becca Kufrin, break up with her on-camera a few weeks later and immediately get back together with (and eventually propose to!) Lauren Burnham. “I know those types of men who stand there after a break-up and are like, Wait baby, but are you okay? Give me assurance this is fine! Make me feel better about myself! … That’s what Arie was doing. It was a game to him,” Martinez told Vulture.

“When he reached out to Lauren on New Year’s, obviously at that point he was interested in getting back with her. There’s no other reason to reach out to someone,” she told Vulture, adding, “If you want to be with somebody else and you’re willing to reach out and ask them to be with you, you have to break up with your partner first.”

She also called out Luyendyk Jr. for direct-messaging her on Instagram while the show was airing.

Luyendyk Jr. responded to Martinez sharing the DMs by bringing back a sore spot: “I think it just shows her immaturity. I think that’s the takeaway from it,” he told E! News.