Ralph Lauren Reveals Team USA's Closing Ceremony Olympic Uniforms for Beijing 2022

"Ralph Lauren is synonymous with the Olympics and also synonymous with America," figure skater Jason Brown tells PEOPLE as he models the closing ceremony outfit

Ralph Lauren JASON BROWN
Photo: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is outfitting Team USA for its ninth Olympics and Paralympics since 2008.

On Thursday, which marks 99 days until the start of the Beijing Winter Games, Ralph Lauren unveiled the closing ceremony looks for all athletes with snowboarder Jamie Anderson, hockey star Hilary Knight, figure skater Jason Brown, bobsled star Aja Evans and para ice sled hockey player Rico Roman serving as models.

Brown, who won bronze at the 2014 Sochi Games, tells PEOPLE that representing the U.S. at the Games in Ralph Lauren is a surreal pinch-me moment, especially since the brand is "synonymous with the Olympics."

"Just being a part of the Team USA spirit is so special," he says. "The 2008 Olympics was the first-ever Summer Olympics that I remember watching as a kid. The images of the opening ceremony and everyone decked out in Ralph Lauren are what sticks with me."

Though he failed to qualify for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, Brown, 26, is determined more than ever to make the 2022 team and wear Ralph Lauren once again.

For the Winter Games this February, Team USA athletes will be wearing a buffalo plaid hooded puffer jacket including recycled polyester and recycled down with a fleece pant (for men) and fleece legging (for women). The gloves and boot are made with recycled polyester while an intarsia turtleneck sweater and hat are made from U.S-grown wool. All items are made domestically.

Ralph Lauren

"Ralph Lauren is incredibly proud to outfit Team USA in apparel that has been designed with integrity and purpose. For these Games, the design aesthetic of our uniform represents a modern look that feels distinctly new and fresh, created with sustainability in mind," said David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer of Ralph Lauren. "We are highly invested in scaling sustainability solutions that have the potential to significantly reduce our and the wider industry's impact, and we are proud to have created thoughtful apparel for Team USA that embodies this mission."

Ralph Lauren sources wool from Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified ranches and by 2025, the brand is committed to using 100 percent RWS certified or recycled wool. While international spectators are banned from attending Olympics venues due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, those at home can purchase the Closing Ceremony fits online beginning Oct. 28.

"The outfits are insane," Brown tells PEOPLE. "They're so stylish. They're so cool. They're definitely my favorite to date. Ralph and his team do such an incredible job. They're so fashion-forward and they keep just upgrading year after year, Games after Games."

Applauding the brand's steps towards sustainability, Brown says the ensemble allows Team USA stars to "not only look good, but also feel good" about what they're representing.

"It's incredible to work with a brand that is environmentally friendly. I definitely think it's really important. I love the fact that all of the products are made in the United States, that's really special. Especially with the Olympics, when you're representing your country, you want to not only look good, but you want to feel good. You want what you're wearing to represent who you are entirely," he says.

Another thing that is crucial for winter athletes is staying warm.

"The Ralph Lauren team does such a great job of adapting to whatever climate the Games are in. Sochi was really warm, I didn't really have any wintery clothes from Ralph Lauren because we didn't need it at that Winter Olympics," Brown recalls. "But at this Games, it's all really cozy, really warm fleece. Me and all the other athletes, we couldn't stop raving about how in love we were with what the team did."

Brown says he actually still rocks his 2014 Sochi Ralph Lauren attire from time to time.

"I have some in Toronto with me in my closet that I wear when I train. And then there's some back at home in Chicago in my room. They are so near and dear to my heart," he says. "Having that opportunity to represent the country, but then also be in the gear, it's something that has been on my mind since I was a little kid. To get to do that is really, really special."

Ralph Lauren JASON BROWN
Ralph Lauren

Brown adds: "Ralph Lauren is synonymous with the Olympics and also synonymous with America. I really do believe that and I really do feel that. It's a form of uniform and form of unity. All athletes from around the country, we all represent the same country. We're all there doing the sports that we love at the peak of our athletic careers in front of the biggest stage. Getting to do that with Team USA on our chest, on our back, the [Olympic] rings, the polo pony, it's really special."

Team USA rosters are usually announced between December and January after the completion of national championships.

"That would be the dream. Step one, I got to rep [the closing ceremony uniform] in the photo shoot. Step two is get to wear them in action," Brown says of making the U.S. figure skating team.

To learn more about all the Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls, visit TeamUSA.org. Watch the Winter Olympics, beginning this February, and the Winter Paralympics, beginning this March, on NBC.

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