The singer tangles with a mystery man in a commercial for her first fragrance, Wonderstruck

By Kate Hogan
Updated September 28, 2011 07:00 PM

Courtesy Elizabeth Arden

“It’s a spark, a connection, a rush of something new,” Taylor Swift says in a teaser clip for her new fragrance, Wonderstruck. Due on shelves this October, the scent is sparking a lot of buzz — and the full-length commercial, which debuts Wednesday night during the X Factor at 8 p.m. ET on FOX, will likely get fans even more excited.

The clip features a mystery man, an elegant mansion and even a carousel, and of course Swift, who glides quietly around all of it in a Christian Siriano gown. “Once you’ve been struck, you’ll never be the same again,” she shares, as her song “Enchanted” plays in the background. In our exclusive behind-the-scenes photo (above), Swift gets ready for the shoot, receiving a touch-up on her ruby-red lips.

Swift announced plans for the fragrance in July, likening the creation process to recording an album. “It goes out into the world and becomes a part of people’s daily lives,” she said at the time. “It was fascinating to learn that you can layer so many different scents to create a beautiful end result.”

A fruity, floral fragrance boasting notes of raspberry, apple blossom, golden amber and sandalwood, it promises to leave a lasting impression, too. “A fragrance can help shape someone’s first impression and memory of you,” she says. “It’s exciting to think that Wonderstruck will play a role in creating some of those memories.”