Behati Prinsloo Reveals Her Skincare Secrets - and the Product Adam Levine Steals from Her Vanity

The new mom opens up about her beauty routine and her return to the catwalk

From Victoria’s Secret to Marc Jacobs to Versace, Behati Prinsloo Levine has walked countless runways across the globe. And while she’s slowed down since welcoming her daughter Dusty Rose with husband Adam Levine last September, she’s still keeping busy — and preparing for her comeback — with a new gig as the face of SK-II‘s latest campaign. We spoke to the 29-year-old model about her skincare must-haves, and how her routine has changed since becoming a mom.

“It’s a great partnership,” Prinsloo tells PeopleStyle of her new role, which includes a video in which she talks about using the brand’s products to prepare for her return to the spotlight. “I’m super excited to be part of their ‘One Bottle Away From’ campaign. SK-II is such an iconic skincare brand, and for me being part of it is such an honor. I think for every girl out there, you always want to be part of something that you actually believe in.”

SK-II OBAF - Behati

Since giving birth to her daughter last year, Prinsloo says her beauty routine has taken a backseat, which is why she’s turning to products that can simplify her regimen.

“Products that make my routine easier and faster, but that do the most, have taken the top priority because you just want as much time as possible,” she shares. “Sometimes you’re so tired at night. I can’t do a million things — I can’t lay there with a mask — it’s nice to have a product that you can target a lot of different things,” she says of one of SK-II’s signature products, their Facial Treatment Essence.

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And she’s using that to prep for the catwalk. “I’ve been gone for a while getting used to being a mother,” she says in the campaign video above. “It has been an amazing journey so far.”


But before jumping on board with this new campaign, Prinsloo had a few skincare tricks of her own. And you don’t need a supermodel’s budget to try them.

“I’ll take an ice cube in the morning when I wake up and just run it across my face, and it really wakes you up and it makes your skin feels better, and it de-puffs,” she says, adding that she keeps her sheet and eye masks in the fridge and applies them chilled before work.

And, like most models, she relies on some good old SPF to keep herself looking ageless.

“My mom always ingrained sunblock into my routine as a child because I grew up in Africa, and the sun is so intense there,” Prinsloo shares. “That’s not a secret, but it’s something that I think if I haven’t used all through my youth, I would’ve seen the effects by now.”

For Adam Levine, on the other hand, having a wife who’s into skincare is an added bonus. “When I can’t find my deodorant, I usually use his, and then smell like a guy the whole day,” she says of the product she steals from Levine, adding, “he will always steal my moisturizer because he’s such a dude – he never has his own. So he’ll just take my moisturizer, or if I have a mask on and he thinks it’s funny, he’ll ask me to put it on him, too.”

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But skincare secrets weren’t the only perks she received from her runway days. Prinsloo still keeps a few sentimental items from her career in her closet.

“Usually when you get the Marc Jacobs show, they’d pay you in trade. You go into those closets and it’s all merchandise, all stuff from past seasons. It was amazing because you’d get vintage pieces so I still have a bunch of things that I cherish. I have these heels that I never wore because they’re so cute, and then all the VS robes from backstage, they’re such an iconic, special thing.”

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