Before Victoria Beckham's Outnet Sale Kicks Off, We Make Our 'In Our Dreams' Shopping Wish List

Are you as excited for this sale as we are?

Excitement is building for Victoria Beckham‘s monster closet cleanout, coming to The Outnet tomorrow morning (if you haven’t registered, now’s the time). And while she’s revealed a few hints at what she’s putting up for sale to benefit Mothers2Mothers charity, we figured that with more than 600 pieces to choose from, there would be a few of our all-time faves in the mix. Below, see the items we’re dying to get our hands on, and weigh in on what you’d kill to have in your closet!

Victoria Beckham Outnet sale

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Jackie Fields, Beauty Writer: How often is it that you can say you have something in common with Victoria Beckham? Well, this year I learned we share a few similarities: we’re both terrible drivers and we love baking brownies (although I notice she didn’t say anything about eating the ones she bakes …). What else makes Posh and me practically twins? Our love of capes! We probably adore them for the same reason: They add drama and warmth to any look, making the double-duty garment a wardrobe staple. So I’m counting down the clock to this epic sale in hopes of snagging one of hers for the fall (it just so happens to be one of the season’s big trends, so the timing is perfect). And I’m venturing a guess that even if I can’t squeeze into the sleeves, I can drape it over my shoulders, and no one will be the wiser.

Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director: I love nearly every item of clothing that Victoria Beckham wears, from her black tie gowns to her coats and LBDs. But I get really excited when the designer steps out in something totally unexpected for her (read: unstructured). Such was the case in 2010 at a Net-a-Porter event where she chose a flouncy Miu Miu mini dress with a baby blue textured skirt, which she paired with a killer Lanvin chain necklace, gold hoop earrings and Brian Atwood platform pumps. I’d buy the entire look in a heartbeat. Hey, at least the jewelry would fit.

Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: We recently had “Picture Day” at work (a.k.a. editor head shots), and it made me realize one very important thing: I’m missing bright, solid-colored dresses in my wardrobe. So naturally, that’s topping my shopping wish list right now. And if Victoria Beckham happened to include this tangerine midi from her label as part of the Outnet sale, it would be the missing piece in my fantasy closet casting. Aside from the vibrant shade, the fit looks super-flattering and the silhouette feels timeless. Because of that, I have a feeling this one is going to stay in Beckham’s rotation. But like I said, “fantasy casting.”

Victoria Beckham Outnet sale

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Alex Apatoff, Senior Style Editor: Even if I hadn’t been eating my feelings all summer, there’s no way I would be able to fit even one of my legs into one of Victoria Beckham’s minis. So while I have a strong appreciation for her Posh style, I’ve got my eyes on the prize: Her fabulous shoes. In particular, this blade-heeled pair of Casadei pumps — she wears them so often that I have to imagine she has a few extra pairs headed to the sale, and I’d love to walk a mile in her (extraordinarily high) heels.

Loni Venti, Style and Beauty Editor: I was a college sophomore when Mr. (not pictured) and Mrs. Beckham were snapped in this photo. I remember seeing it and wondering if they were aliens, because it just didn’t seem possible for two human beings to be this freaking gorgeous and stylish. And while this dress definitely wouldn’t have worked with my college gal wardrobe of band tees and distressed denim, grown up me can certainly find an occasion that warrants this scandalously sexy yet still ladylike little number. And in case she’s not throwing this beauty in the mix, I’d definitely snag the mini she wore on her first date with David (it’s got to be a lucky dress).

Zoë Ruderman, Deputy Style and Beauty Director: I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. These white separates, which VB wore when she met with Prince Charles and performed in South Africa in 1997. That’s a full 15 years before Olivia Pope made crisp white toppers and coordinating pants a thing. And eons before crop tops and high-waisted bottoms were a red carpet staple. There’s no denying it, the woman was always ahead of her time. (Of course, I’d buy this look but not actually wear it because I’m incapable of wearing the color and not spilling something on it.)

What are you hoping to buy tomorrow?

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