The two-time Grammy-nominated singer stars in the clothing line's ‘Bebe Loves Bebe’ fall 2019 campaign

By katieintner9 and Brittany Talarico
August 05, 2019 09:00 AM

Bebe Rexha feels a heavy dose of nostalgia for Bebe clothing. That’s why the singer teamed up with the fashion brand for its fall 2019 campaign, bringing some of her favorite throwback looks to her current closet.

The “Last Hurrah” singer wears a variety of powerful looks, from bandage dresses to a red power suit, in the new campaign, but her favorite is the bedazzled “Bebe” T-shirt.

“When I was younger in school it was the coolest thing to have the Bebe shirt in black or white with the Swarovski crystals that said ‘bebe’ across your chest,” the 29-year-old star tells PEOPLE. “But for me, it was getting those T-shirts or tank tops with the crystals on them with a pair of jeans. That was what everybody was wearing. It was the hottest thing to wear.”

Courtesy bebe
Courtesy bebe

For Rexha, the campaign isn’t only about reliving her middle school days, it’s also about sending a positive message centered around the hashtag #LoveYourself.

“We don’t learn how to love ourselves when we’re younger,” Rexha adds. “I think it’s really important for people to be reminded that every body shape, every color, no matter what you are, is beautiful, and to keep reminding people of that message.”

In the campaign, she wanted to empower women through Bebe pieces; whether that be with a bodycon dress or snakeskin thigh-high boots.

Courtesy Bebe

“At the end of the day, I want women to feel good because they deserve to feel good in their own bodies and own skin,” Rexha says. “You know when you put on a good pair of jeans or a dress, and it just fits so well and it looks so good, so it’s one piece that you can never get rid of? I hope that people will find something like that in this collection.”

Rexha added a “fresher take” when styling her pieces by mixing “new with classic Bebe,” such as pairing a form-fitting dress with logo-embellished knee-high boots rather than classic pumps.

Courtesy Bebe

When it comes to Rexha’s day-to-day style, it’s ever-changing and depends on her mood.

“Some days I want to just slum it out and wear a track suit and some days I want to get dressed up and wear something really nice,” Rexha says. “If I’m feel better about myself, I’ll wear something tight and cute and put a little pump on.”

She tends to mix “current with classic,” like wearing a jeans and bodysuit and adding a leather jacket, cool boots or interesting earrings to make it her own.

The artist tries to spread the same message as her empowering Bebe campaign through her music, and in doing so, “unintentionally” became a role model for young girls. “I always just intend to be myself,” she says. “I’m just me and I think people right now really want that more than ever. They want realness.”

Someone she looks up to includes her tour partner Katy Perry, who helped her through a tough circumstance during a tour stop in Brazil.

“I was super upset because I read a tweet about myself,” Rexha recalls. “I told her about it and she said, ‘You shouldn’t get stuck reading tweets all the time. You can check it out, but don’t read the tweets.’ She was right. I think everything in life is about balance, so if you’re not having a good day, if you’re not feeling so good about yourself, I would recommend staying off the internet. Basically, I don’t go on the internet right before I get my period.”

While the 29-year-old’s fan base includes young adults, she doesn’t restrain herself from posting “edgier” content on social media. “It’s hard because I have some younger fans and sometimes and might I want to post something, but I think I shouldn’t. But then I’m like, ‘Wait I’m 30,’” she says. “It’s hard because I won’t post every single thing that I want, but I do go pretty edgy.”