The singer and SinfulColors brand ambassador talks about her love of fun, statement-making manicures

By Kaitlyn Frey
September 03, 2019 02:35 PM

Known for always speaking her mind and keeping things open and honest with her fans, Bebe Rexha has solidified her place as one of the most real stars in Hollywood. Whether she’s cheekily embracing her curves on Instagram or candidly opening up about heartbreak through song, the musician, 30, never fails to make powerful statements any chance she gets. But Rexha not only uses social media and music to express herself, she does so by experimenting with beauty, too.

“I’ve always loved nails because I feel it’s another way to express yourself creatively aside from music,” Rexha tells PEOPLE.

So when the opportunity to collaborate with SinfulColors on statement-making nail polish shades and press-on designs was presented to the singer, Rexha knew the partnership was the right fit.

Matt Monath

“I really have to believe in what I’m doing and who I’m partnering with,” she says.

Below, Rexha opens up to PEOPLE about working with SinfulColors on its new Wicked Neons Collection, staying honest with her fans on social media and more.

PEOPLE: You always have the coolest, unique manicures. Have you always been obsessed with nails?

Bebe Rexha: First of all, I just love changing up my style and being eclectic. I’m definitely very edgy in my life and I speak out a lot. I love the idea of being a part of a brand called SinfulColors and the fact that they let me create my own shades was really important to me. Also, nails are something you can always change up, and I love doing that. Even if you have a basic outfit on, your nails can always speak. That’s really important to me.

Matt Monath

P: It seems like you’re having a serious neon moment, from your makeup to your fashion to your nails. Did that help inspire the shades you created, Blue in the Dark, Glow for It and Witch Please?

BR: Yeah, I’ve had a neon moment forever — I love neon colors! It’s fun. No matter how old you get, you can go to the nightclub and have fun nails.

P: How often do you change up your manicure?

BR: A lot. I’m obsessed with changing my nail colors. I’d say every three days. Sometimes I get a little lazy and it will be six weeks. But I think good nails are really important.

P: Speaking of that, how do you care for your nails?

BR: I’m really into making sure my actual nail bed, if I do acrylics or other types of nails, are healthy. So if I need to take a moment and not have any press-ons or anything, I give them a break. I’m also always trying to moisturize my hands because I travel a lot. I think people forget to do that. They do body lotion and face lotion, but I think it’s also really important to moisturize your hands.

P: You mentioned that you speak out a lot. What’s your approach to what you say and share on social media?

BR: I think it’s just anything that moves me and anything that I’m very passionate about. It’s important for me to stand for something and to share my story. I feel like anytime I’m going through something that is inspiring or something that is a hard time, I want to help people who can relate to it and feel less alone. So anything that inspires me, whether it’s something that I love or something that gets on my nerves, you will definitely hear me speaking about it.