Bebe Rexha Shows Off Her Unfiltered Swimsuit Body: 'Yes I Got Thighs, Okay?'

The singer proudly flaunted her curves on Instagram, while clarifying she's never had surgery or liposuction

Bebe Rexha Swimsuit Instagram Story
Photo: Bebe Rexha/Instagram; Inset: Cindy Ord/Getty

Bebe Rexha's keeping it real.

When the "Baby, I'm Jealous" singer, 31, spotted paparazzi photos of herself taken during a beach day with boyfriend Keyan Safyari in Mexico, she put on the exact same Versace one-piece to show her fans what her body really looks like — sans Photoshop or filters.

"I wanted to show you what I really look like. Yes I got thighs. Yes I got ass. But here's what I f---ing look like in my bathing suit," Rexha said in a candid video shared on her Instagram Story. "Here's my body. No filters, okay? I got ass, I got thighs, okay. Not those nasty-ass pictures they posted of me, what the f---?"

Bebe Rexha Swimsuit Instagram Story
Bebe Rexha/Instagram

The star went on to say that at times, seeing paparazzi photos of herself on the internet, which she considers unflattering, can hurt her confidence.

"It's just really hard because I find it hard to love myself sometimes and like when you see yourself looking like s---, it's like, yes I got stretch marks. Let me show you," Rexha said as she leaned over and showed off the stretch marks on the side of her thighs.

"I got stretch marks. I got cellulite, all of the above," she continued.

Bebe Rexha Swimsuit Instagram Story
Bebe Rexha/Instagram

Rexha said she's proud of her figure. "I don't do surgery. I've never touched my body. Never done lipo[suction], never done any of that stuff," she said. "I'm trying to be healthy and respect what God gave me. And I like to eat and I also take medicine that makes it really hard for me to lose weight."

As she scanned the paparazzi photos on DailyMail, Rexha said: "I mean look, I'm thick. I'm a thick girl. I'll take it. That's how I was born. I always had thighs. I always had a small waist. Always. Even when I was a little girl. But these pictures? I don't know. I guess that is what I look like 'cause that's how they took it but this, I don't know."

Bebe Rexha
Cindy Ord/Getty

The singer recently opened up to PEOPLE about how taking "good care" of herself helps her deal with body image issues.

"When I have a bad week of eating, I feel so nasty — like when I eat tons of chips or croissants and whatever," Rexha said. "When I eat healthier and I drink more water and then I do even a little exercising or just try to live a little bit more actively, I feel so much better: I feel so much healthier, I feel so much sexier, and it's for myself. So I feel like that's a really important thing for me, to stay active and eat well."

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