"Unapologetically me," Rexha said

By Robyn Merrett
August 30, 2019 09:05 PM

Bebe Rexha is celebrating her birthday in her birthday suit!

The singer, who turned 30 on Friday, shared a racy photo in honor of her milestone year, which shows her doing a split, wearing nothing but a black thong.

The star did the pose as she applied lipstick on a bathroom floor.

“This is what 30 looks like,” Rexha captioned the black-and-white image. “My #BirthdaySuit Self love. Body positivity. Unapologetically me.”

“Pre-show stretch and lipstick application #Not20Anymore,” Rexha added in reference to her latest single, which was inspired by sexist remarks a male music executive recently made about her.

Rexha opened up about the track and turning 30, telling PEOPLE on Thursday, “I was really scared to write a song, like, ‘Hey, I’m 30. I don’t care what anybody says.'”

“All my life, when I ask my mom’s friends, the thing was: ‘Don’t ask a woman her age.’ That’s what I was told all my life. I was talking to my friend, and I really wanted to write about the things I’m scared of, my insecurities, so that’s where it came from,” Rexha explained.

“The songs are a series of things I’m super insecure about: Will I end up being alone? The way that I look. Losing all my friends. Just a whole bunch of things that I’m insecure about that I’ve now made into songs. I’m a drama queen. I love drama.”

As for how she’s dealt with those insecurities, Rexha said, “I think it’s just talking to yourself in a certain way.”

Bebe Rexha
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“I can wake up one day and I might feel like s—. Like, I might eat something really bad … Last night I had Thai food and was super bloated. But I woke up and I worked out. I still felt like s— today, but you know what — it’s Madison Square Garden, it’s my birthday coming up, I’ve gotta not let myself get in my head.”

“Because what you feed yourself is what happens. If you’re just negative all day, that’s how your day’s gonna end up. Even if it’s the best day ever, you’re gonna still have that negative sheen over it,” Rexha continued.

“I just force myself to say nice things to myself and ignore the bad thoughts.”