Bebe Rexha on Dressing Like an Edgy '90s Kid: 'Those Trends Always Come Back Around'

The singer and face of Bebe's holiday 2019 collection talks about her style icons and spreading self-love

Bebe Rexha is a ’90s kid — and she still likes to dress like one!

The “I’m a Mess” singer is continuing her role as ambassador for the Bebe Loves Bebe campaign and tells PEOPLE feels most empowered when channeling “edgy kids” from decades before her time.

“I love going into a time like the ‘80s or ’90s and looking at what the edgy kids were wearing, and then [looking] at what the classic kids would go out in,” the 30-year-old singer tells PEOPLE at an event at Macy’s. “I’m inspired by that, and I feel that a lot of those trends always comes back around.”

As the face of Bebe’s holiday 2019 collection, Rexha loves teaming the brand’s streamlined pieces with “bolder accessories.”

Bebe Rexha meet and greet
Courtesy of Bebe

“I like mixing a classic and edgy,” she says. “I go for a black outfit: a simple black dress or jumpsuit. Then I add edgy accessories to make it a little bit more rock and roll. Or I add a red, because it signifies strength, royalty and power. It draws peoples’ eyes to you. And it looks good on me!”

Rexha’s other style influences include Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. And she even pulls inspiration from her own childhood wardrobe, such as her go-to bedazzled “Bebe” T-shirt.

“It’s funny because I still go to my favorite basic ‘Bebe’ T-shirt with sparkles on it that I wore growing up” she explains. “It was the coolest thing.”

As a Bebe ambassador now, the singer is constantly turning back the clock to when she wore her first “Bebe” bedazzled tee.

“It’s so nostalgic,” the pop singer describes. “I remember going to the Staten Island mall close to where my family lives and being so excited to buy the Bebe crystal shirt in black,” the singer describes. “For me, it was a full-circle moment to be able to do this collection. It’s so nostalgic.”

But for Rexha, working with Bebe is more than just a flashback to her childhood.

“The most exciting part has been definitely being fans show up to meet and greets, and talking about wearing pieces with everyone,” Rexha shares. “It’s really cool and important that [the collection] be for everybody, no matter if you’re thin, or thick. Self-love is important to promote.”

Even though the collection is titled “Bebe Loves Bebe,” Rexha wants fans to know Bebe loves everyone.

She continues: “For me, especially, because self-love was always something I struggled with while growing up. I would look at supermodels in magazines who were always so thin and I wanted to look like that. I think that thin is beautiful, but so is thick, and everything in between.”

Bebe Rexha
Courtesy Bebe

Now, Rexha says those same magazines inspire her to spread self-love.

“I have a book of every Vogue cover I love to look at,” Rexha says. “It’s really interesting to go back in time and see something, like a flower, that can inspire me. I also love looking at old runways shows of designers. I have a book in my bathroom with all of Chanel’s runway collections. It’s epic, but really inspiring.”

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