June 17, 2007 05:17 PM

Courtesy de-frazzle.com

The website de-frazzle.com stocks scores of cute beauty products all aimed at one thing: chilling you out. And even better, they donate $3.00 from each sale to the Raising Malawi foundation. Many of the items they carry are hard to find, like Malie Kauai’s Mango Butter Bun, $35, and Lili and Dolce’s Sugar Cookies and Vanilla Body Wash, $18. They also carry a nicely-edited selection of cashmere blankets, comfy pj’s and slippers. And this month they launched their signature scent called De-Frazzle Perfume Oil. The blend of vanilla beans, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, and musk is supposed to calm and relax whoever’s wearing it. Well, whatever it does, it’s racking up scores of celeb fans, from Kirsten Dunst, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Juliane Moore to Bryce Dallas Howard and Kristin Cavallari. Available right now on de-frazzle.com for $48 (1/3 oz.)

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