The pro tells PEOPLE which stars ruled Sunday night

By Kate Hogan
Updated February 27, 2012 08:00 PM

Jen Lowery/Splash News Online

There weren’t any major fashion misses on Sunday’s red carpet, and according to the experts, there weren’t any beauty blunders, either. Ben Bennett, a beauty trend forecaster and creative director of Hatch Beauty, tells PEOPLE he could hardly find a flaw.

“I don’t think anybody got it wrong,” he says. “There were some who were less exciting than others, but overall there was a casual sensibility about the evening.”

Rooney Mara was one of Bennett’s favorites, thanks to her “exquisite complexion, archless brows” and “modern” look. “She just looked … very different, even though she was wearing a red lip,” he explains. “I thought the pairing of that with the sharp black bangs and white dress felt very fresh.”

Another favorite was Michelle Williams, who’s “really owning” her pixie hairstyle, Bennett says. “She’s making it very hard for any other actress to do that little cut and not think Michelle Williams — it’s really a signature of hers,” he explains. “And I loved the pairing of her dress and the bright pink lip.”

Rounding out his top three was Gwyneth Paltrow, who “had such a moment,” he says. “Her makeup and her hair were beautifully modern, absolutely what needed to be paired with that Tom Ford dress and cape.”

Bennett enjoyed the fresh feeling of the red carpet Sunday, with neutral tones, pinks and blush hues taking over where tanned skin, red lips and smoky eyes have ruled in years past. Some other beauty trends? Side-swept hair, like Kristen Wiig and Stacy Keibler’s dos, high ponytails and buns à la Sandra Bullock and Tina Fey, and dramatic side parts, as seen on stars like Natalie Portman. “I thought those were all very fresh looks,” he says.

But the best hair moment of the night belonged to Viola Davis, who showed up on the carpet without her wig. “There was a lot of finger-crossing that she’d come without her wig, and I just thought she looked fantastic, stunning,” Bennett says. “So comfortable, so carefree. It was great.” Tell us: What was your favorite beauty moment of Oscar night?

–Kate Hogan