BaubleBar Face Mask Accessories

The Jewelry Brand Julia Roberts, J.Lo, and Jessica Alba All Wear Made a Pretty Face Mask Chain

And it’s surprisingly affordable.
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In 2020, face mask accessories aren't just a thing — they're the thing to help keep yourself safe, sane, and a little more excited about the whole covering-your-face-in-public mandate. Face mask chains let you keep your mask within reach at all times, and they're a more sanitary decision than putting your mask around your wrist or tossing it in a bag. Around your neck, the mask should stay cleaner because it comes in contact with fewer surfaces than when it's against your hand or nestled with your wallet, phone, and keys. Plus, it's pretty hard to lose something that's around your neck, unless you somehow also lose your whole head (although in 2020, anything's possible).

When face mask chains were first gracing our Instagram and TikTok feeds, most of the options were actually glasses chains moonlighting as face mask accessories or colorful handmade beaded strings from Etsy. Now, mainstream brands are seizing the chance to make their own COVID-19 fashion statements, like BaubleBar. The popular jewelry brand we've seen decorating the necks, ears, and hands of A-listers Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, and Lizzo recently added a gold-toned ball chain to its repertoire of decorative face masks for adults and kids. The two lobster clasps on each end of the practical item make attaching your mask by its ear loops super simple.

The dainty chain is actually convertible, with detachable rubber loops so you can wear it for multiple aesthetic needs — like as an eyeglass chain or even a regular necklace. And despite this brand having a slew of celebrity stamps of approval, the $18 price point is pleasantly reasonable for such a versatile and useful piece.

Face Mask Chains
Credit: BaubleBar

Buy It! Convertible Mask Chain, $18;

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend that everyone over the age of 2 cover their mouth and nose when around other people (unless prevented by a medical issue), and face mask mandates in public places will likely stay in place for a while. Instead of denying the situation, it makes more sense to upgrade your COVID-19 gear so you can at least look and feel good while helping slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Shop the $18 face mask chain now so you never have to scrounge frantically around in your purse for the mask you had "just a second ago."

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