Barely Famous Stars Erin and Sara Foster Are the Friends You Wish You Had to Give You a Closet Makeover

The TV stars have an exclusive sale with Gilt, which goes on sale July 13


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Erin and Sara Foster play super-stylish, super spoiled almost-stars on their super-faux “reality” series, Barely Famous. But because every fiction has a grain of truth, turns out they’re just as fashion forward in real life. (But because it is fiction, we feel compelled to point out they’re also a hilarious delight.)

To celebrate season 2 and the stylish looks seen throughout the show, the Foster sisters have teamed up with Gilt to give fans of the VH1 docu-comedy a chance to shop extravagant designer pieces inspired by the series, including Chanel handbags, Louis Vuitton luggage, Oscar de la Renta backgammon sets and much more. And in honor of the sale, PeopleStyle sat down with the sisters to chat all things style, beauty and what it’s really like to be Barely Famous, below!

PeopleStyle: Do you always go to each other for style advice? Do you ever ignore it and just wear an outfit anyway and if so, is there a specific look you can point to?
Erin: “Sara and I have different style, but still like to check with each other to see if what we are wearing is cute or crazy. Sometimes we ignore the other’s judgement, but usually we both have the ability to get in the others head and sabotage an outfit. Above all, we want each other to look our best so we are very vocal when something looks bad.”
Sara: “Erin and I have very different style. She follows zero trends and just does what feels right. I have little instincts for putting things together. Erin wore a pair of Zara tailored shorts with tights once in the fall and I swear it looked like Chanel. I copied that look a good 20 times after.”

PeopleStyle: What piece of clothing or accessory do you want to permanently borrow from your sister’s closet?
Erin: “Sara is good about buying nice cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, and I always try to steal them. She has never mentioned wanting anything of mine, which is making rethink my closet…”
Sara: “I would borrow Erin’s T-shirt collection.”

PeopleStyle: What’s the best style or beauty tip you learned from your sister?
Erin: “Sara forces me to stop buying the same cheap stuff over and over again. I always come home with T-shirts or jeans that I’m inevitably going to throw out the next year because it doesn’t make it through a wash cycle without shrinking. She reminds me to spend a little more, less often on something quality that can last. I teach Sara all things hair and makeup. She doesn’t know how to do the simplest thing. She has me put her eyeliner on and curl her hair for her.”
Sara: “Erin has taught me that less is more with skin. I’m always so quick to want to try the latest peel or laser or $250 ‘miracle cream.’ Erin has the bet skin and all she uses is coconut oil. As far as style Erin dresses far more ‘hipster chic’ and it always looks cool. She was a huge influence on me, [telling me to] toss the tight tube dresses out and leaving more to the imagination.”

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PeopleStyle: What’s the last thing you bought?
Erin: “I went to the outlets and got some discount Marni tops, and a dress from Maje — I love a discount!”
Sara: “I went on a wild spree and bought a bunch of new shoes. My favorites are the platform Stella McCartney Eloise shoe. They take any outfit up a notch. Also, just purchased a bunch of Redun jeans. My absolute favorite.”

PeopleStyle: You told us last year that you were hoping for a wardrobe budget increase for season 2. Did that happen and how is your look different this season?
Erin: “That’s right! We did get a little bump and it was really helpful for my best friend and the stylist on our show Jamie Schneider. We were able to be much more organized this year. Sara’s character wore a lot of thigh-high boots in an effort to look desperate and young, and I think my character got a little more sophisticated this year. I think because Jamie was able to step it up this year, my character got to dress better!”
Sara: “We did get an increase! I also decided to get out of Jamie’s way a little and let her do her thing. My character wants to be ‘taken seriously’ second season so there is a lot blazers and scarves.”

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Barely Famous Sara and Erin Foster Gilt sale

Courtesy Gilt

PeopleStyle: Who is your favorite guest star on the show to date and why?
Erin: “It’s really hard to do that because literally we have scored with everyone. Chelsea Handler because she’s a female comedian we look up to, Chris Martin because people never get to see him be funny so it felt unique, Jessica Alba because she gives 120 percent and shocks us with how far she’s willing to go. Zach Braff because he is so amazing to improvise with, Jonathan Goldman because he’s the most interesting man in the world… how do I choose?”
Sara: “I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite guest star. I am still in shock at the level of talent we were able to have on the show. These people are so busy and in such high demand and it is just so validating that people chose to spend their free hours doing a show that we created. It’s truly mind blowing.”

PeopleStyle: Who is your dream guest star and why?
Erin: “Larry David because duh.”
Sara: “Larry David … obviously.”

PeopleStyle: Who has the best style in Hollywood right now?
Erin: “Rooney Mara is so chic.”
Sara: “Alicia Vikander looks like a supermodel and also has an Oscar. I mean, she is breathtaking.”

PeopleStyle: What’s the best part of being Barely Famous?
Erin: “I get to do what I love and still leave the house in sweatpants without anyone taking my picture and wondering if I’m pregnant.”
Sara: “I get to live out my dream acting in a show I created and produce, but also don’t have to deal with psychos in my tree or nudes getting leaked online.”

Can’t get enough of the Foster sisters? Now you can swipe their styles IRL by shopping their two exclusive sales with Gilt, beginning Wednesday, July 13 at noon EST, on Happy shopping!

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–Sarah Kinonen, with reporting by Andrea Lavinthal

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