The doll throws her hat in the ring -- again! -- in a custom pink Chris Benz suit

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 05, 2012 10:00 PM

Paul Jordan/Mattel; Inset: Eugene Mim/Patrick McMullan

The presidential election is still months away, but already one candidate has our vote for best campaign style: Barbie! The beloved doll tossed her hat into the ring on Thursday (for the fifth time), doing so in a stylish printed pink skirt suit created by designer Chris Benz.

Inspired in part by a dress Benz made for First Lady Michelle Obama, Barbie’s suit features a cummerbund, a color-coordinated campaign button and red, white and blue trim. “It’s a classic little Jackie O kind of suit,” Benz told reporters at a press conference in New York Thursday morning. “[It’s] fun and flirty and exactly what you’d expect from Barbie for her campaign.”

Benz, who grew up rearranging the outfits on his aunts’ Barbie dolls, also gave the candidate her most functional shoes yet: pink wedges that allow her to stand without any help. “That’s the real special thing,” he said.

The designer, who chose to accessorize the doll with classic pearl accessories, also had a say in her simple hairstyle. “I am obsessed with Barbie’s hair,” he admitted. “I was into the idea of keeping it super classic.” It’s also long enough that if an overzealous fan wants to give her doll a trim — as many little girls do — there will still be blonde hair to spare.

The 2012 presidential Barbie — available in June 2012 in Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic editions — is part of Mattel’s “I Can Be …” program, which features Barbie in more than 130 professions and encourages girls to follow their career aspirations.

Learn more about the campaign on Barbie’s Tumblr,, and pre-order a doll now on Tell us: What do you think of presidential Barbie?