Barbie takes us on a walk down memory lane -- and into her totally amazing Dreamhouse closet

By Alex Apatoff
August 26, 2013 04:34 PM

Barbie’s had the life we want since the moment she came on the scene: The cute boyfriend. The beachfront pad. The zillions of cool careers. The unbelievable shoe collection. And now we can add to that list a completely enviable closet, as seen in the latest iteration of her Malibu Dreamhouse. The perennially perky beauty walked PEOPLE through her closets of years past, and chatted with us about her new digs, her great relationship and the pieces she’d never let Skipper borrow.

Courtesy Barbie Dream House

Obviously it’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse, but since Ken’s a frequent visitor, we had to ask what he thought of her expansive footwear collection. “I hope Ken isn’t reading this, but I have more than 1,000 pairs of shoes in my closet! What can I say – a doll needs her shoes!” she says.

As it turns out, Ken has his own reasons for not loving Barbie’s shoe collection: He’s a little insecure about his height. “I know he’s not the biggest fan of some of my super high heels. He hates it when I’m taller than him,” she says. But on everything else, “He and I see eye to eye when it comes to my sense of style! One of his all-time favorite outfits is the aerobics outfit I was wearing when we were in the film Toy Story 3. That was so much fun!”

And it’s not just Barbie’s fashion in which Ken gets involved. He’s got a hand in her beauty routine too. “Ken’s hair is always looking fabulous, isn’t it? I’m so jealous — he barely has to do anything to it! I have caught him borrowing my hair brush before, which made me giggle. We also like the same shampoo!”

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Courtesy Barbie Dream House

After seeing how Barbie’s closet has evolved since the ’60s (from a few paper hangers to a wardrobe elevator — quite the upgrade!) we had to ask her to look back on some of her major fashion moments from years past.

For example, are there any outfits she would prefer to never revisit? “A doll has to take some risks throughout the years, and with more than one billion fashions, there luckily have only been a few small regrets,” she confesses. “I think we all had some regrets in the ’80s and ’90s, but I do have to laugh when looking back at my ’90s jeans and baggy overalls.”

And what’s the most treasured item in her closet? “This is such a toughie! My all-time favorite outfit is my Peaches N’ Cream dress I wore in 1985,” she says. “The dress is a classic and was so fun to wear! I’d also have to say my go-to pink heels — I can’t go anywhere without them!”

Surely, though, there are things she’d never let her kid sis Skipper borrow? “I love Skipper, but I don’t think I could let her borrow my newest Coach Tattersall trench, my Dior or Versace gowns, my Christian Louboutins or my Judith Leiber minaudière. Sorry Skip! Still love you!” she tells us.

And since this is, we had to ask which celeb’s style Barbie covets, and her answer isn’t so different than ours. “I completely adore Kate Middleton’s style. She always looks fab! Other celeb style crushes include the ever-glamorous Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.”

The girl has good taste — but we knew that already! Tell us: What was your favorite-ever Barbie outfit? And how cool is her brand new Dreamhouse?

–Alex Apatoff