The latest limited-edition Barbie Doll honors late music icon, David Bowie, and his signature Ziggy Stardust alter ego

By Mikayla Grossman
July 12, 2019 12:35 PM

You may recognize Barbie’s latest look from another cultural icon: David Bowie. Toy manufacturer Mattel is launching the limited-edition Ziggy Stardust doll in honor of the 50th anniversary of the late singer’s groundbreaking 1969 hit  “Space Oddity.”

The new doll pays close attention to the iconic Stardust aesthetic, featuring a slicked-back red mane, black nail polish, blue and orange eye shadow, silver earrings and Bowie’s trademark gold sphere face paint. The doll also comes wearing the singer’s famous space suit and red platform boots.


The design is intended to pay homage to Bowie who “was, and remains to be, a unique presence in contemporary culture” and “whose dramatic musical transformations continue to influence and inspire,” according to a statement from Mattel.

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This isn’t the first time Barbie’s experimented with a new style. In recent years, the company has released a variety of special dolls in an attempt to diversify the Barbie brand and reach larger, changing audiences.


Mattel has created a wide array of limited-edition dolls in recent years. In February,
Mattel announced new additions to its Fashionista Barbie, adding Barbies with braided hair textures, new curvy body types and disabilities. One line of Barbies now has wheelchairs, and another doll was launched with a removable prosthetic leg.

The company has also partnered with various houses, including Christian Dior, Givenchy, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta, to create special dolls.


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The Barbie David Bowie Doll also comes in special packaging featuring images from Bowie’s early career, making it a perfect addition to a collector’s set and will be on shelves starting July 11.