The model bared all in the publication's latest advent calendar video

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 09, 2016 09:55 AM
Credit: Courtesy Love

Love magazine’s annual month of risqué shorts tend to follow a certain pattern. It typically starts with their usual bevy of It Girl models clad in an assortment of barely there underpinnings, gyrating their physical assets while the camera slow pans around their body, with the magazine occasionally tacking on a theme to make the whole thing feel vaguely in the holiday spirit. And clearly, the publication has found the formula for success garnering almost 20 million views on its YouTube channel over the past 8 days alone. But this season, they’ve also broken with that tradition ever so slightly, venturing into recreating famously sexy movie scenes, such as with their latest release in which model Barbara Palvin takes on Sharon Stone‘s role in Basic Instinct.

In the NSFW clip, directed by Phil Poynter, the model perfectly embodies that legendary ’90s erotic thriller moment, reclining in a Marcel Breuer cantilevered chair and wearing a very short sleeveless white body con dress, a white fur coat draped across her seat back and a pair of spike-heel DSquared2 stilettos that lace all the way up her leg. Palvin’s beauty look was also a very fitting and intentional choice, not only did her brushed back, wet look hair and minimalist makeup perfectly channel the decade, but her lip was also created using Marc Jacobs Sheer Gel Lipstick in the shade appropriately dubbed ‘Role Play’ from his New Nudes collection.

In the minute long scene, Palvin is interrogated in an all white room, answering a barrage of questions while puffing on a cigarette and smiling coyly at the camera. Of course, all of this is just building to the most iconic and infamous moment of the film, when Palvin as Stone asks the investigator if they’ve ever “f***ed on cocaine,” parting her legs momentarily and revealing just about everything. Of course, in Love‘s version a pair of nude underwear protects the model’s modesty. But nonetheless, with the launch of this video and Tuesday’s Stella Maxwell short recreating Margot Robbie‘s “panty scene” from The Wolf of Wall Street, the magazine is clearly making the transition towards slightly more pornographic filmic homages. Which has us wondering what re-make they could have in store for us in the days to come. The Nine 1/2 Weeks ice cube scene? The Notebook kiss in the rain? The full two hours of Showgirls? Personally, our vote is for the bathtub scene in Fatal Attraction.

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