Get your DIY on with this POTUS-approved kit!
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Source: Joe Biden/Twitter
Credit: Source: Joe Biden/Twitter

On Thursday, America “Awww-ed” in unison when Vice President Joe Biden Tweeted a very special “Happy Birthday” to his “Best Friend Forever,” President Barack Obama. The tweet featured a photo of two friendship bracelets (see above), which caused many of us to reflect on our own BFF-bracelet-making days at summer camp or the beach. That’s why we tracked down where to buy the exact DIY kit used in the White House!


The POTUS-approved kit is from the “It’s So Me” line created by the craft geniuses at Horizon Group USA. You can nab your own at Target for $9.99. The “Word Wear” bead set includes 252 alphabet beads, 300 accents beads and 20 emoji-style charms (plus, chord, multicolor thread and more!) to help crafters “Say It with a Bracelet.” And Biden’s bracelet photo definitely says it all.

Friendship Bracelet Kit image 8/5/16 Courtesy Horizon Group USA
Courtesy Horizon Group USA

If the bracelets look familiar, that’s because President Obama attempted to make one in a recent voting PSA. POTUS teamed up with BuzzFeed’s “Turn Up to Vote Week,” recording a video targeting young adults and urging them to register. In the clip, Obama tries five different activities which are harder than voting, including making friendship bracelets and an intense game of Operation.

Courtesy The White House

Moral of the story: Buy the Kit — and wear the bracelet when you “Turn Up to Vote” in November.