Balenciaga Teams Up With Lays for a Leather Chip Bag, and the Internet Is Not Having It

The high-end fashion house is causing a stir online with its latest viral design, which mimics Lay's potato chip bags and reportedly costs $1,800

Balenciaga is Selling Lay's Chips Bags for $1,800 and People Are Not Having It
Photo: Demna/Instagram

Balenciaga is once again raising eyebrows with its latest fashion creation.

On Wednesday, Balenciaga's creative director, Demna, posted Instagram photos of the luxury fashion brand's newest accessory, the Lay's x Balenciaga leather chip bag, an imitation of Lay's bags featuring a "Balenciaga Paris" label. But instead of the average retail value of $4 for the popular snack, these bags will reportedly cost a snack-lover $1,800.

There are three different high-end snack bags, all representing three of Lay's numerous chip flavors.

The internet immediately had a field day.

One person tweeted, "If anyone buys the Lays Balenciaga bag then it proves that their social experiment is working. Yall will buy anything that's a name brand."

"Balenciaga just doing whatever at this point," another person wrote in Denma's Instagram comments section.

Balenciaga is Selling Lay's Chips Bags for $1,800 and People Are Not Having It

Consumers had a similar reaction when the Kim Kardashian-approved brand released its popular "Paris" high-top sneaker in a new "full destroyed" style, complete with tearing, smudging, and a graffiti logo back in May.

"Balenciaga is really charging people $1850 for the pair of torn up converse that my ma begged me to throw out when I was in high school," one Twitter user commented.

Another Twitter user accused the Balenciaga team of trying to "troll everybody."

Lay's, however, seems to be quite content with its collaboration with Balenciaga and expressed enthusiasm after the bags debuted in the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2023 "The Mud Show" presentation during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 2.

They shared a clip of the brand's fashion show with the models accessorizing their looks with the statement bags, which seemed at the time to be unmarked purses because the models had them scrunched up in their hand as they walked the runway.

The company captioned the Instagram video, "Our runway moment. Lay's Bag by @Balenciaga," noting that the leather bags will be available for purchase next summer.

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