Bachelorette Katie Thurston Claps Back at Critics of Her Lingerie Photo: 'No One Owns Me'

This isn't the first time that Katie Thurston has had to set the record straight online

Katie Thurston is not letting people's opinions get the best of her.

On Thursday, the Bachelorette star shared a steamy photo of herself lounging across a bed in black lingerie. In her caption, she left a single black heart emoji.

While hundreds of commenters flooded the photo with positive messages, she also had some critics leave thoughts of their own — but Thurston wasn't putting up with it.

"Someone did not find a husband," one commenter wrote under the photo, to which Thurston replied: "correct. There typically isn't a wedding at the end."

Another user asked: "Why are you dressed like this??? Aren't you supposed to be a respectable bachelorette a week away from a public proposal?"

"I am me," the reality star responded. "No one owns me."

When another commenter told her to "save that for the bedroom" because "young girls look up to" her, Thurston clapped back, writing: "Pretend I'm in a bikini on a sandy beach. It's the same thing. Women can love and embrace their bodies however they'd like. Not be ashamed of them."

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston/instagram
Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston/instagram

This isn't the first time that Thurston has had to set the record straight online. Earlier this month, the reality star defended herself after she got roasted by Gen Z social media users for sporting skinny jeans and a side part on her one-on-one date with Greg Grippo.

One member of Bachelor Nation wondered why the show's stylists "hate Katie," to which she responded, "I dress myself" with a smiley face emoji.

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Thurston then directly addressed her controversial outfit, tweeting, "Skinny jeans and side part. Come for me Gen Z. #TheBachelorette" alongside a photo of herself from the night's episode.

In June, Thurston addressed followers on her Instagram Story to say she'd be blocking any users who make rude comments about her appearance.

The Bachelorette
Katie Thurston. Craig Sjodin/abc

"Alright, I'm creating a new rule for myself. Anyone who wants to message me about my part, or my fashion or lack thereof, I'm just going to block you," she said with a laugh.

"I mean, I know a lot of you guys don't have any hate about it," she added. "They're just giving me friendly suggestions, but when you get them every day, it's just like, God damn."

"Look, I'm just like your basic f---ing girl who somehow became a Bachelorette," continued Thurston, who first appeared on Matt James' season of The Bachelor. "But you know, I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again: It's not about the wrapping paper, it's the gift inside."

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