The former Bachelorette takes us inside her Kleinfeld shopping experience

They’re in the midst of planning for their future nuptials and on the hunt for the perfect gown! Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and fiancé Josh Murray scoped out possible dress options for her wedding look at the Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld Bridal 2015 collection runway show during New York Bridal Week in N.Y.C.

PEOPLE caught up with the pair during their dress search to get all the exclusive details on possible gown, hair and makeup options — and caught a glimpse of the couple checking out inspiration boards with Zunino himself. And while it sounds like Dorfman may have made some decisions (“I immediately went to about three or four in one corner, and I said, ‘Done. I’m done’ … I was hugging them!”) she and Murray talked us through their shopping process.

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Andi: I love dresses that are simple. I love a well-made, simple-structured dress that’s just chic and elegant. But it’s funny because everyone keeps telling me, “Whatever you think you like now, you’ll try something on that’s totally different, and you’re going to fall in love with it.” So I’m trying to be open-minded.

Josh: She’s going to look beautiful regardless. I want to see her try some stuff on eventually, but I don’t want to see the exact dress.

Andi: I look at different celebrities that are getting married, and I go, “I love that top, put it with this person’s bottom.” There’s also some that I think are timeless. You know, Jessica Simpson when she married to Nick Lachey, her dress was to die for. And Kate Middleton. Come on. Anything that Kate Middleton wears, I would put on.

Josh: I think it’s going to be great regardless, whatever she does.

Andi: Thanks, babe. You’re going to marry me regardless?

Josh: You can come down in sweats and a shirt, and you know I would love that more than anything.

Andi: Oh my God, with the wedge sneakers. You would love that.

Josh: Oh, those basketball shoes? Yes. I don’t need a wedding dress.

Andi: Typical man. He wants me to wear wedge sneakers down the aisle.

Andi: I am loving the trend of brides getting shoes that aren’t the dyeable, white shoes and just going for an amazing shoe. I think I’m just going to pick my favorite pair of shoes in the entire world when I see them, and they’re going under the dress whether they match or not. I love me some Jimmy Choos, some Louboutins. I’m a shoe girl.

Josh: Do it! Nobody sees the shoes anyway.

Andi: What if the shoes [cost] more than the dress?

Josh: There’s going to be a problem because nobody sees the shoes.

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray



Andi: I always thought of myself as doing a nice, low chignon. [To Josh: Do you know what that is?]

Josh: A what?! Are you speaking a different language?

Andi: It’s a fancy word for a low bun.

Josh: A low bun.

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray



Andi: On your wedding day, you should look the best version of yourself, but I think you also want to look true to who you are. You know, I don’t believe in putting on this sparkly dark makeup. I love that for a night-out look, but I think for your wedding, you should have a really beautiful, fresh-faced look.

Josh: She always looks good to me, so it doesn’t matter to me. As long as she’s happy, I’m happy. Isn’t that how it is?

Andi: I think when a bride is happy, you can see that on her face. It’s like everyone says, “The bride is glowing.” It doesn’t necessarily matter how much your dress is, what dress you have, or your makeup or your hair, as long as you, as a bride, feel beautiful, everybody else thinks you’re beautiful as well. It’s the bridal glow.

Josh: It’s the bridal glow. And the fushu-whatever.

Andi: Chignon.

Josh: Chignon. A mixture of both. [laughs]

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–Sarah Kinonen