The show's go-to jeweler, Neil Lane, wanted to make their rings "different and truly special"

By Elizabeth Leonard
September 18, 2019 07:00 AM

It’s not easy to ruffle Neil Lane. As the Bachelor franchise’s go-to jeweler for over a decade, Lane has his role down pat. He designs a selection of gorgeous diamond rings and delights as each newly engaged couple swoons over each other — and over his sparkling rings — during the shows’ respective season finales.

But when Tuesday night’s Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise finale saw three proposals, including the franchise’s first same-sex couple in Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, Lane had to do a bit of a scramble.

Credit: Demi Burnett/Instagram

“I loved that three couples found love in paradise, and I thought it was wonderful that both Demi and Kristian ultimately wanted to propose to each other, but I really had to figure out how to make their engagement rings different and truly special!,” says the celebrity jeweler, who designed the ring Burnett, 24, gave to Haggerty first. “The ring Demi proposed with in Mexico is so unique, as unique as their love story.”

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane Couture

Featuring an emerald-cut diamond set sideways in a highly stylized architectural design, the 2-carat platinum ring is further set with 48 smaller round diamonds.

“It has timeless elegance and it fit her personality, beautiful and with presence,” he says.

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane Couture

Soon, Lane learned that Haggerty hoped to “return the proposal” and ask Burnett for her hand in marriage as well. “I wanted to come up with something different from Kristian’s ring but equally as beautiful in its own way,” says Lane.

The upshot was a 2.25-carat ornate diamond-studded ring featuring a square-cut brilliant stone and set with over 100 smaller diamonds on all three sides of the platinum band.

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane Couture

“Like Demi and Kristian’s relationship, the rings are similar in their foundation but different in their styles,” he says. “The rings symbolize them.”

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane Couture

Lane embraced the challenge of creating two engagement rings within the same couple, and appreciated the women’s union. “They’re very loving and unique, bold and positive figures,” he says. “I was really happy to celebrate their love. And I applaud them and wish them a lifetime of success!”