"I just closed my eyes and just envisioned her beautiful face," Viall tells PEOPLE of choosing a ring for his now-fiancée

Sure, this wasn’t the first time Nick Viall picked out an engagement ring on national television. But, if jeweler Neil Lane’s hunch is right, it’ll be his last.

“I’ve met Nick a few times in different parts of the world on his quest for love, but I really felt like he has found it this time,” says Lane of the fourth-time’s-the-charm Bachelor franchise suitor. “This time he was the one in control and in the driver’s seat, and he was really excited.”

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane; Jim Wright

Lane, who flew into Finland with six ring options in hand, says Viall immediately honed in on the 3.75-carat round-cut sparkler he slipped on Vanessa Grimaldi’s finger during the show’s Monday night finale.

“I showed him rings in all different shapes and styles, but he kept going back to the one he was first drawn to,” Lane shares with PEOPLE.

And Grimaldi herself served as inspiration, Viall tells PEOPLE: “I just closed my eyes and just envisioned her beautiful face. I knew immediately which one was perfect for her.”

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane

Set with a round-cut diamond in the center, the platinum ring features a halo of smaller diamonds around the central stone and is accented with a total of 164 round-cut and two larger baguette-cut diamonds.

“I was going for a classical look with the round diamond but also something modern and fashionable, which the baguette-cut diamonds evokes,” says the celebrity designer and the franchise’s go-to jeweler. “It’s a very romantic, sparkly ring and Nick also liked the unusual detail and the fact that it was both classical and fashion-forward.”

Credit: Courtesy Neil Lane

To his credit, Viall readily acknowledged this wasn’t his first go-round with Lane, and that familiarity made the process go especially smoothly.

“It was easy to speak with Nick and it was fun for both of us to see each other again,” says Lane, who shot his scene with Viall in the middle of the night thanks to The Bachelor‘s intense taping schedule. “It was very dark and snowy and about four o’clock in the morning in Finland’s winter wonderland, but we had a good time!”

Adds Lane, “Nick was nervous but also confident. I was very excited for him and he seemed really, really happy…at last!”

So what was Grimaldi’s immediate reaction? It was love at first sight.

“When I first saw the ring I thought, ‘It’s massive,'” she tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview on People Now Tuesday.

Grimaldi admits, however, that she also confused the diamond for cushion-cut shape, when in fact it’s round. But more importantly she was thrilled to see Nick on one knee.

“I didn’t know what kind of ring I wanted either way — I was going to be happy with a proposal,” she shares, telling Nick, “It’s very big, just like my personality.”

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