Get all the scoop on the gorgeous Neil Lane Jewels Jade wore on her Cinderella date

By Brittany Talarico
January 27, 2015 02:01 PM

Sure, the ultimate prize after a Bachelor date is a rose. But the next best thing? Diamonds!

As it turns out, Jade Roper, the 28-year-old cosmetics developer vying for farmer Chris Soules‘ heart this season, got both last night.

Roper was selected by Soules’s three sisters for the romantic Cinderella date — complete with her own fairy godmother to help her look the part, (which incited a lot of jealousy from the other women in the house).

Rick Rowell/ABC/Getty

“After trying on several dresses, I try on this beautiful ball gown, and I can tell it’s definitely the one that makes me feel like a princess,” she said of her final dress pick, a strapless blue gown with a soft abstract print. “Then she [her fairy godmother stylist] pulls out my very own glass slippers!”

Not only did Jade get to keep the “slippers” (lucite Louboutins!), but she also got to keep the custom Neil Lane drop earrings she wore on the fantasy date.

“I wanted to make something romantic, something sweet and not crazy or over the top,” the celeb-loved jewelry designer tells PEOPLE of the high-impact danglers. “I made romantic earrings that might work in a fairytale since they were going on a ‘Cinderella’ date.”

Jade’s reaction to her new jewels: “It just floors me.”

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So how much did those earrings actually cost? Well each strand was set with 25 carats for a price of $100,000. And that’s not all the bling Jade wore. She also paired her gown with a diamond strand necklace set with 50 carats of round brilliant stones — a retail price of $350,000. And a diamond-and-platinum 50-carat bracelet, which had the heftiest price tag — $550,000. For those of you who are good at math, that’s a total carat count of 125 — and $1 million worth of jewels! (Get a closer look at the pieces below.)

Courtesy Neil Lane

All the prep was definitely worth it, because Jade stunned her Prince Farming.

“When I saw Jade at the top of that staircase, I couldn’t help but smile,” he said in his most recent blog for PEOPLE. “The girl truly looked like a fairytale princess. I was thrilled that my sisters chose her because she was someone I really wanted to get to know better. I realized that night what a sweet girl she was, and we definitely had a connection. Dancing with her in that ballroom, with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra playing the soundtrack to Cinderella was probably one of the most romantic moments of my life. We totally nailed that dance, even on that small platform!”

What did you think of Jade’s Cinderella moment? Do you think she’s a frontrunner? Which piece of jewelry would you want to keep? Sound off below!

–Brittany Talarico, with reporting by Lizz Leonard