Real or Faux? The Truth About 'Bachelor' Contestant Heather Martin's Rapunzel-Like Hair

The 22-year-old Bachelor contestant reveals the secrets behind her waist-length hair

One of the most talked about topics on this season of The Bachelor (aside from Colton Underwood’s virginity): contestant Heather Martin’s hair. Is it real? Is it extensions? PEOPLE got to the bottom of it in a recent interview with the star.

Martin’s waist-length Rapunzel-like hair is in fact all her own — and she’s revealing how she grew it so long.

“It’s so long! I was telling all the girls [that] I literally don’t know how to do my hair,” Martin, 22, tells PEOPLE.

She’s not a hoarder when it comes to hair products and admits she was able to grow her ends so long by doing a few simple steps.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

“I shower and blow dry my hair and I don’t use any products,” Martin says. “I only use shampoo and conditioner.”

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Although some women find longer hair more of a challenge to maintain the San Diego-based Bachelor contestant says she’s kept her length for the majority of her life because she doesn’t know how to style it any other way!

“It’s always been long my whole life. I can’t curl it, I can’t do anything. This is it!” Martin says.

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Martin has also made headlines at the start of Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor for revealing she’s never been kissed in her contestant bio.

Much of the lead-up to this season of the hit ABC reality show centered around Underwood openly admitting he’s still a virgin himself. “I had no plans to share that I was a virgin,” the former NFL player said of when he first told Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette. “It was something in the moment with Becca. It was important for her to know. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal but obviously, a lot of people latched onto that.”

Craig Sjodin/ABC

And though he’s “grateful” for the support and fan reactions he received after he opened up, Underwood pointed out that being a virgin is only a “small part of who I am.”

He told PEOPLE: “It’s a decision I consciously made, but it’s just something that makes me into who I am. There is a stigma around athletes and I think the more that us as humans can do to break those, the better.”

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