How Covergirl Ayesha Curry Empowers Her Daughter Riley, 6, with Makeup: 'I Let Her Creativity Shine'

The multi-hyphenate star opens up about her role as Covergirl's beauty ambassador and more


Covergirl ambassador Ayesha Curry teamed up with the renowned affordable (and cruelty-free!) makeup company to release the latest drop in its Outlast Nudes Collection — a range that champions inclusivity with its diverse product offerings.

The 29-year-old cooking star and cosmetics connoisseur has loved and trusted the brand since she was a teenager and is still in shock that she is now a Covergirl herself. Recently, she helped launch their Peacock Flare Mascara and now she’s even more excited to work with the iconic drugstore brand to debut the latest collection of beauty products.


“I’m excited about it because, yet again, it’s a diverse line of nudes,” Curry told People Style exclusively. “There’s a shade for every single skin tone and every single skin undertone.”

When searching for your perfect match in foundation or even lip color (the brand even offers universal liquid lips that suit everyone!), it’s vital that the product not only blends with your actual skin tone but also coordinates with your undertone, Curry points out.

“I have like a medium-ish greeny undertone skin,” she said. “A lot of people think my undertone’s yellow, but it’s actually green, and so they have the perfect nude for me.”

This new collection emphasizes the firm fact that “inclusivity goes beyond foundation” and that it’ll now be easier to find the shade in makeup other than foundation, regardless of what your skin tone is, so that your whole makeup look will be seamless for you.


“I just love that Covergirl has been so inclusive of everybody,” Curry shared. “Even myself, I don’t come from a traditional entertainment background. I’m a chef and I’m a Covergirl, and I think that that’s so cool and it’s so different that they’re showing young women that you don’t have to be one thing to be beautiful.”

She added: “Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes and walks of life, and so I think it was really important for them to be inclusive, and I’m so happy that they were one of the first to do it.”

In the Outlast Nudes collection, the celebrity chef and mom of three with NBA star Stephen Curry, was able to find her ideal nude lip, the Medium Cool color, that worked best for her.


Curry says she has always loved makeup because it is not only a way for her to feel beautiful but it allows her to express and empower herself.

And as she sees her daughter, Riley, 6, and Ryan, 3, following in her makeup-loving footsteps, the busy mom wants to make sure that the central message of beauty isn’t lost.

“She [Riley] loves it and she’s really good at it,” Curry says. “I let her play around at home, but I had to make sure that she knew that in her own skin she is beautiful, and she doesn’t need it, but I didn’t want to inhibit her by telling her she couldn’t play around with it. So I’ve used it more as a tool to empower her and let her creativity shine, and I think that CoverGirl has done a great job of making it be just that. A creative tool instead of a necessity.”

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She acknowledges the continuous support from husband Steph, “He’s my biggest supporter, and he … you know, he’s a male feminist in every sense of the word. He just wants to see me win, and he loves the example that I’m setting for my girls. And I think it’s really special”.

— with reporting by Kaitlyn Frey

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