Ayesha Curry Drops JustFab Collection That Honors Historical Black Women: 'It Was a Special Opportunity'

Ayesha Curry tells PEOPLE her capsule was inspired by iconic Black women, including: Nina Simone, Bell Hooks, Toni Morrison, Billie Holiday and more

Ayesha Curry is transporting us back to the '70s for spring.

After partnering with JustFab last fall, Curry — a best-selling author, chef, restauranteur, producer, and mom of three — has joined forces with the brand again to release a new capsule collection for spring.

Launching on March 1, the Invent Yourself collection features footwear and apparel designed by Curry, 32, that takes inspiration from Black feminists who "embody" past eras including: Billie Holiday, Audre Lorde, Ruby Bridges, and Maya Angelou. Curry intentionally named each shoe after the historical women.

"It was a great history lesson for me, doing the research of naming each shoe," Curry tells PEOPLE of the 24-piece capsule, which ranges in price from $29.95 to $56.95. "I think for me it was more than just honoring them by naming each shoe after them — that's such a small thing to do, but, I feel like it could have a big impact."

"I thought about women purchasing these shoes, it arriving at their home, them looking at the box, and being prompted to say, 'Well, who is this?' and doing a bit of learning. It was a really special opportunity to be able to bring in awareness to these women that have paved the way and cleared the path for me and so many other women today."

Ayesha Curry x JustFab

In addition to celebrating iconic Black women, Curry wanted to produce a collection that infused elements of retro fashion in the hope that it will leave people feeling happy — especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"I wanted to feel polished, chic and gorgeous, but also like a free spirit, someone who could let their hair down and jump around if I wanted to. I think that's reflected in this collection — playing around with bohemian florals, muted but bold colors like mauve, yellow and periwinkle."

Curry continues: "I feel like we've been in the house for two years now, and with this spring, hopefully, we are going to be able to be out of the house, blooming like a flower."

Ayesha Curry x JustFab

In this capsule collection, Curry's vision is realized in the form of floral and crochet shift dresses, easy-going jumpsuits, ruffled blouses and a fringe jacket. In the footwear category, in addition to sneakers, she introduces mules, block-heeled boots and more.

Invent Yourself also celebrates Curry's own fashion evolution.

Ayesha Curry x JustFab

"I was always the girl that wore black, brown and tan," Curry says. "Now, especially this year, I'm noticing I'm incorporating a little bit more color."

Curry explains that through this color exploration she realized "what a part it plays in my mood and overall wellbeing."

"I can really shift that narrative by just changing my wardrobe. When I'm feeling down, I've forced myself to put on a flirty dress, and it's an instant mood change. You feel fun and you want your attitude to match the way you're looking on the outside," Curry tells PEOPLE.

Curry says, however, that her daughters — Riley, 9, and Ryan, 6, whom she shares with husband and NBA star Stephen Curry — have exhibited a bold fashion sense from the beginning. The couple also share son Canon, 3.

"They have really great fashion sense. Very different from each other. It's great. Everything is fun," Curry says. "With my oldest, sometimes it's like reeling it back in," she jokes.

Ayesha Curry x JustFab

"[I'm] like, 'That's something I would wear!' That's not necessarily appropriate for you to wear and she says, 'Well, mommy you bought it for me,' and I'm like, 'I bought that for you three years ago, and that's why it's a crop top now because you've outgrown it."

Curry continues: "With my youngest daughter, she's going to be seven, she loves pattern and sparkle and mixing the two together. She never wants to wear anything that matches, but it's so uniquely her and it works."

Curry says she leaned on her girls when it came to designing her collection.

"One of the boots in the collection, the Michelle Heeled Boot, it kind of has a Western vibe. That was really inspired by Ryan because she loves a cowboy boot. She could have on a dress, she could have on pajamas, anything... she's going to have those cowboy boots on her feet."

As for Riley, Curry says her eldest helped a lot with color, and, "She can't wait to get her hands on the platform slides."

With so much on her plate, Curry says she and Steph make family time a priority. "We're so blessed that we have such a great support system around us. I feel like people don't talk about that enough. There's a lot of moving parts and people that make our day a lot easier."

[But] family is the priority. That's the most important thing in the world to us. So we make sure we're never too busy for that. We try and stop what we're doing and either sit at the dinner table together and eat together."

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