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TV host and style trendsetter Audrina Patridge is the latest start to launch her own lifestyle blog, Inside Out. Her goal? To interact with fans and listen to their suggestions so she can provide well-rounded content that they want to read. She’s also going to have a lot of fun with fashion.

Patridge gave PEOPLE all the inside scoop behind her first blog photo shoot, which had amazing clothes and even better hair. Catch our interview with her (as well as some amazing BTS photos) below!

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

Why is now the right time to start your own lifestyle blog?
“I actually used to blog during my days on The Hills, but I turned that blog into a website. This time around I wanted to have a place where I could really connect and interact with fans — essentially share the things I’m passionate about. Rather than just sharing one photo on social media, my blog will enable me to expand on a variety of topics, from the lessons I’ve learned with my travels, to fashion looks I’m loving, to beauty and health tips.

How will yours be different from other celeb lifestyle sites?
“The great thing about blogs is that each one is unique to the person writing it. I love that anyone can start a blog and connect with people who have common interests. I don’t really see it as a competition. I have learned so much during my time as host of 1st Look and thought it would be fun to share it all!”

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

What will surprise us most?
“I think you’ll be most surprised by how personal and candid my blog is. I’m excited for everyone to see a different side of me. I’ll be the one producing, directing and editing content, so there will be no blurred lines. You can expect a lot of inspiration posts as well. I’m really passionate about helping others feel comfortable in their own skin and enhancing their best features and qualities.”

What’s your favorite post you’ve worked on so far?
“I absolutely loved putting together my ’70s glam inspired photo shoot because that fashion era has always been so inspirational for my personal style. I had full creative power and directed every aspect of the shoot, which was definitely a lot of work, but so much fun. You can expect to see different themed editorial shoots as well as day-to-day fashion.”

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

The ’70s-inspired shoot looks awesome. How did you bring it all together?
“The process for this shoot started months ago! I first started collecting photos and different materials to create a mood board, because I wanted to the shoot to have a cohesive vision. I adore Jerry Hall and the whole 70’s vibe and luckily my glam squad does too, so we had a lot of fun with this look. It was a bonus that the colors in my house went perfectly with my vision.”

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

How do you do the styling and find the perfect glam squad for it?
Finding the perfect glam squad is no easy task. The best team shares a common vision, has good chemistry and works well together, and I was lucky enough to have that. Briana Cisneros and I have worked together for a while now, and she is my go-to hair guru. She’s awesome and will be featured on my blog often. Amy Clark is an amazing makeup artist. Josh Williams, Jenny Dayco, Jessica Oliver and I have actually worked together before for past shoots. I like to surround myself with positive, fun people who all vibe…so this was a very easy flowing and fun day.”

Any funny stories that standout from set?
“There are way too many hilarious stories from the set because it’s like spending the day with your best friends. There’s no shortage of laughter with this crew.”

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

Did you look just like your mom in the ’70s?
“Yes! I look a lot like my mom. Love her! I actually have a few of her high-waisted leather skirts from the 80s that I rock from time to time.”

Was there one piece in particular you wanted to take home from the shoot?
“In my dream world I could keep EVERYTHING! Jenny and Jessica have the best taste and really understand my style. I was lucky enough to keep the high-waisted 70s pants from Swift Vintage. I’m obsessed.”

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

What should we look forward to in coming weeks?
“Every week you can expect a new post about fashion, beauty, health, recipes, new music playlists, inspiration posts, and of course some fun wacky posts of whatever I’m doing. Really whatever comes to mind and whatever feedback I get. That’s the best part about blogging — there are no rules! You can truly be yourself and let it flow. I hope you love it!

Courtesy Audrina Patridge

Catch Patridge on NBC’s 1st Look, which premieres its new season on September 12th! What do you think of the trendsetting star’s ’70s-inspired shoot? Are you digging the Farrah Fawcett waves? Sound off below.

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–Reporting by Alex Apatoff

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