Audrina Patridge Shares Her Skin Savvy

The former reality star is big on sunblock -- and washing her face twice daily

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Audrina Patridge is just 26 years old, but according to the Hills alum, it’s never too soon to start protecting skin from signs of aging.

“A lot of people turn to getting surgery, but if you prevent [skin damage] before it gets to that point, you won’t have to do it,” she told PEOPLE Tuesday. “So I wear sunblock, I moisturize, and I wash [my face] on a daily and nightly basis.”

Patridge, the face of Bremenn Research Labs Miracle Cream, has also learned to keep a religious consistency to her daily routine. “People use [different products] and expect to see something overnight, but it’s all about being consistent and using it for a week or two because it has to get into your skin and start working,” she said.

The California native, who spent her summer at the beach, playing volleyball, riding bikes and visiting her family’s lake house, is also aware of the threat her outdoor hobbies could pose to her skin.

“I do wear sunblock a lot more than I ever have because I’m 26 now, so I am starting to notice the sun damage and more freckles on my arms or my chest,” Patridge said. “I’m very conscious of that, so I wear sunblock — 70 [proof] on my face every day, and when I dress up at night, I just bronze it up so you don’t even know the difference.”

Patridge credits her mom — a fan of the Bremenn’s eyelid lifter, anti-wrinkle forehead cream and dark circle cream — as the source of her skincare knowledge.

“[My mom] taught us to always moisturize,” Patridge shared. “After you get out of the shower in the morning, moisturize your elbows, your knees and your hands because they get really dark and chapped and you can tell. So it’s really important to hydrate your skin and drink a lot of water.”

Fortunately for Patridge, good skin seems to run in the family. “I think that my grandma has amazing skin and she’s in her 60s,” she said. “So hopefully I’ll have skin like hers when I’m older and I won’t have to do anything.”

But if she isn’t lucky enough to inherit her grandmothers’ genes, Patridge hasn’t totally ruled out Botox.

“I haven’t really considered it,” she admits. “Right now I’m just all about preventing it and using products … So I’m really trying to avoid the whole facial surgery thing.”

For now, the aspiring actress is simply looking forward to testing the next batch of Bremenn’s products. “I just got the box of butt lift, so I’m going to try it,” she said. “I’m really excited!”

–Jessica Wedemeyer


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