The film is a remake of 1988's Child's Play, which introduced the terrifying Chucky doll for the first time

Getting into character!

Aubrey Plaza rocked a knife barrette to Wednesday’s premiere of her new horror flick Child’s Play, a remake of the 1988 film of the same name. Both movies feature the frightening, knife-wielding Chucky doll, who terrorizes a mother and her young son.

The actress, 34, paired her intimidating accessory with a floral-patterned yellow dress and dark green heels.

Earlier this week, Plaza, who plays mom Karen Barclay in the film, told PEOPLE that she’s “not a big horror fan,” but the script for Child’s Play made her “excited.”

“I think it was such an iconic character and I thought it was such a clever re-imagining of that character that I felt like, ‘You know what? Maybe I’ll just give this a whirl,’ ” she shared.

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza
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Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza
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Child’s Play follows Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman) as he adapts to life in a new town, struggling to make friends. In an attempt to make him feel better, his well-meaning mother Karen buys him a Buddi doll, Chucky, that can connect to and control all electronic devices.

However, Andy soon ends up discovering Chucky’s more sinister nature when those closest to him suffer gruesome injuries and deaths.

“I was very game for technology being the villain,” Plaza told PEOPLE about Chucky’s ability to control electronics. “I am so kinda paranoid about all of these smart devices and I really struggle with that a lot. The idea that, you know, we’re so reliant on these things and that I feel like they’re changing the way we think, and they’re changing the way we interact with each other.”

Aubrey Plaza in Child’s Play

The Parks and Recreation alum also said that she was able to relate to her character’s position as a younger mom.

“I think my mom, in real life, was very young when she had me so I felt a deep connection with the character,” Plaza explained. “I felt like I understood what it’s like to be a young mom and I do think the relationship does become quite different and you kind of grow up together. So there’s a difference —there’s a different dynamic than a typical mom relationship, probably.”

The horror film also stars Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky, along with Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Tim Matheson and David Thewlis.

Child’s Play is in theaters now.