Find out how Kunis and Adele pulled the ultimate prank on Kutcher

By Colleen Kratofil
September 10, 2019 01:00 PM

The first thing host Jimmy Fallon asked his guest, Ashton Kutcher, during his visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was all about his new facial hair look. And turns out, the story behind his new “lip jewelry” is all thanks to wife Mila Kunis and singer Adele.

When Fallon asked whether or not his look is for a new role, Kutcher, 41, explained “it’s “for real life,” and even though he doesn’t think he looks good with it, he’s intent on keeping it.

“My wife has a friend who’s this very famous English singer, let’s just say, and she throws these birthday parties and they’re kind of lavish,” Kutcher starts. Fallon immediately guesses this friend is Adele and the actor giggles before launching into a rendition of Adele’s “Hello.”

Credit: NBC

He goes on to explain that he found out the theme of the birthday party was “1970s New Year’s” just hours before it started. “I’m like, we were both on That ’70s Show, I think we got this.”

He dressed up in bell bottoms, a vest, a scarf, and decided to give himself a ’70s mustache. “I whittled everything down and it’s thin,” he says of his facial hair. “It’s like a high school boy trying to grow a mustache, but it looks great for the party.”

“So we show up and I’m looking round, and nobody else is in 1970s anything!” says Kutcher, noting that Kunis was in a “timeless jumper” that could be from any era. “The theme for the party’s 1930s New Year and I look like F—king Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights!

Now he calls his look a “spite stash” calling it “payback.” But turns out, the joke still might be on Kutcher, because he says Kunis likes the look so now, he really can’t get rid of it.

Four days ago, the actor shared a video on Instagram rooting on the Chicago Bears, sporting his now-signature stache, when Dax Shepard gave his two cents on the look.

“PLEASE tell me you’re starring in a Burt Reynolds bio pic,” the actor commented. “You’re a dead ringer with the stache.”

Turns out, everyone is loving Kutcher’s new “lip jewelry.”