Ashley Tisdale's Makeup Line Has Arrived! 5 Things to Know About the Launch - and the Beauty Guru Behind It

She tells us all her makeup hacks, mishaps and more!

It’s time to thank the beauty gods, because Ashley Tisdale‘s new makeup line, Illuminate, will make all your sun-kissed summer dreams come true. The actress has teamed up with BH Cosmetics to bring her fans a beauty line that will leave you feeling radiant without breaking the bank. From a 12-color eye palette (one called ‘Beach Goddess‘ for those who are looking to get their daytime glow on, and the other, ‘Night Goddess,’ which makes for the perfect smoky eye) to multiple shades of cheek/lip tints and an enhancing lip gloss, Tisdale’s goodies are sure to transport you to a tropical island — with a Mai Tai in hand.

Ashley Tisdale

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Tisdale sat down with PeopleStyle to chat about her beauty hacks, mishaps and victories, and even showed us a thing or two about how to apply her new products. Here are five things you need to know about the newly minted makeup maven:

1. Her beauty hero is the goddess of glowy skin herself, JLo.

“I would have to say Jennifer Lopez because she’s legit with her makeup,” Tisdale told PeopleStyle when asked who inspires her makeup routine. “That’s what I like to achieve — that glow-y, beach-y look.”

2. She’s learned from her past makeup mistakes.

“When I was younger — specifically in 8th grade — I was very creative and had fun, and I just remember my dad making fun of me because I had like crazy blue eye shadow on, and that’s when I didn’t know less is more,” she jokes about a discussion that went down between her and her father, in which he ultimately ended up winning. “I didn’t know that if you were going to go bold on your eye, you should tone down everything else — it’s like don’t do crazy blush, don’t do lipstick in a bright color, but I had no idea when I was younger.”

Several makeup artists and years later, Tisdale’s look is in a great place.

“As I’ve gotten older and worked with a lot of people, I know that if I’m going to do a smoky eye, then I’ll go more nude on my lip and blush,” she said.

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3. Those who share makeup palettes together, stay together.

“I created it and believe in myself and know what I’m doing, but you still are very vulnerable because you just hope people like it,” she says of using her friends as guinea pigs or the line. “When it was fully done, I gave it to my friends, and they just went to Lighting in a Bottle and every single day my girlfriend said they were like ‘where’s the beach goddess palette? I need to put it on!'”

She continues, “They were all using it and Vanessa [Hudgens] was using it, and that’s when I was like ‘I created a really good product that’s awesome.'”

4. Her beauty bag is a makeup melting pot.

While Tisdale’s Illuminate prices ($9 for the lip/cheek tints and lip gloss, and $18 for the 12-color palette) are ideal, sometimes a girl’s gotta splurge.

“I always feel like if you’re going to spend money do it on moisturizer and foundation (especially La Mer), and I use Armani for foundation,” she shared. “But that’s what I love about my line — for eye shadows and blush and contour, which you use up so quickly, it’s just great to have something that you can get for inexpensive.”

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5. She’s thirty, flirty and thriving–without a gray hair in sight.

Maybe it’s her incredible skin that’s got you fooled, but if you don’t know, now you know — Tisdale isn’t in her 20s anymore.

“Being 30 is great and feels no different,” said Tisdale. “I think I’m way more confident in my 30s than when I was younger.”

And while we can admit that we all freak when we see that metallic gray peeping through, she can’t say that same for herself because that has yet to happen.

“I haven’t found any gray hairs because I color my hair so often — I don’t even know what color my hair is anymore,” she said laughing.

Are you excited for Tisdale’s new makeup line?

— Nicole Sands

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