Ashley Tisdale Shares Makeup-Free Selfie After Taking Extra Care of Her Skin During Quarantine

The actress answered her fans' burning questions about breakouts, her beauty routine and more

Ashley Tisdale Instagram
Photo: Ashley Tisdale Instagram

Ashley Tisdale's been taking extra-good care of her skin while spending time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic and she's ready to spill all her beauty secrets to the world.

"No makeup no filter just ME ☺️," Tisdale, 35, captioned a glowing barefaced selfie. "I’ve always taken care of my skin but especially now that we’re home so much I try not to spend all my days in the sun. Comment below on any skin questions you have for me 👇🏼."

It turns out, her fans had tons of skincare questions for the star, who took time to answer many of them in the comments of her Instagram post.

"What would you recommend for sensitive skin?" one person asked.

Tisdale replied saying, "to not use a ton of products, and don't use fragrant products!"

Ashley Tisdale makeup free celebsCredit: Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale

Someone else asked the actress if she had any recommendations for a toner that would work well on oily skin. While she admitted that she's "not a toner person" because she "never liked it," Tisdale gave her own take.

"I use three products before I put on makeup. I can have oily skin and dry skin so it depends on the weather and I change up my skin regimen depending on which one I'm experiencing," she said.

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As for product recommendations, Tisdale said she swears by Joanna Vargas and Christie Kidd products and specifically called out the Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream as her favorite moisturizer.

Many other comments touched on acne and how the actress keeps her skin so clear. When she was younger, Tisdale said she did get bad acne on her forehead, but "never had acne that bad that I had really bad breakouts" that resulted in scarring.

Now, she also gives her balanced diet and skin routine credit for keeping her complexion breakout-free. "I drink a s--- ton of water and wash my face every morning and night and I'm super regimented on my routine," Tisdale said.

She continued: "I personally feel like it's what we eat that breaks us out sometimes. We can have sensitivities to certain foods and just not know it but our skin shows it."

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