Ashley Graham Uses Windex to Fix Her Spray Tan Streaks

You probably already have the star's go-to product in your pantry

Many celebrities are spray tan aficionados. From Kim Kardashian to Chrissy Teigen, stars love to keep it real when it comes to their faux glows. But despite the skin smoothing, body contouring and mood-enhancing effects of a good spray tan, there’s one inevitable issue that even those in Hollywood can’t seem to avoid: streaks!

Whether you’re applying self-tanner and end up with streaky legs or you happen to drip water on yourself immediately after visiting a pro, it happens to everyone. Just ask supermodel Ashley Graham, who just revealed her pretty impressive new hack for streaky spray tans. (Warning: It might be best to check in with your dermatologist before trying this at home.)

Versace Afterparty, Met Gala, New York, USA - 07 May 2018
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Graham, who got a fresh spray tan over the weekend, shared her tick on her Instagram story on Sunday, revealing that due to a few drops of water, she ended up with streaks running down her leg. The issue, which is common, can happen within hours of getting sprayed, before you’ve washed off the tan’s initial pigments. And if you don’t take care of it instantly, it’ll be stuck there until your spray tan fades away — which seems to have happened to the model. So after ending up with wonky lines, Graham grabbed a bottle of Windex — yes, the household cleaner — and scrubbed away at her legs.

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The result? No more streaks. The star sprayed a small amount of the product on a paper towel and buffed at the lines. And in minutes, the streaky lines had faded away.

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She showed off the finished result, revealing her legs to have a totally smooth, glowing finish. “After! No Streaks,” she captioned the shot, which showed the bottom half of her body dressed in a bikini bottom.

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Of course, she’s not the only star who has ended up with a faux glow debacle. Recently, Selena Gomez responded to fans who thought her glow was a little too deep at the 2018 Met Gala. The star shared a video of herself running from a camera, joking that it was what she did when she saw her red carpet photos from the event.

And as an insider told PeopleStyle at the time, “In person, she honestly felt great but not everything looks the same as it does in person. She was just clapping back at people who were commenting on her tan and hair and wanted to make a joke about it.”

Kardashian West and Teigen have both shared their spray tanning issues with fans. Teigen shared a shot of her white sheets stained with brown pigment, and Kardashian West once said her tan once transferred to her daughter North’s mouth while she was breastfeeding her.

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