Ashley Graham Poses in Nude Mirror Selfie: 'I Love My Big Strong Beautiful Body'

Ashley Graham showed off her figure, nine months after giving birth to her first child

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is showing her body some love!

On Sunday, the 32-year-old supermodel posed in a nude mirror selfie that she shared with fans on Instagram. "Nakie big girl 👋🏽," she captioned the post, which comes nine months after giving birth to her first child with husband Justin Ervin. The couple welcomed son Isaac in January.

The mom of one also responded to a fan who applauded her body confidence. "I hate that this is seen as 'big girl' I see nothing but a beautiful, naturally curvy woman in all her glory.. super sexy and womanly," the fan wrote.

"I hear what you're saying. But if you look at 'big' as a positive or love then you can see it like I do. I love my big strong beautiful body," Graham responded in the comments section.

Since giving birth to her son, Graham has made a point to keep it candid with her fans and followers, proudly showing off the way her body has changed from pregnancy. She recently shared a video of her stretch marks, making a heart shape with her hands over the new lines.

"I love this so much I could cry. Real women have curves, stretch marks, C-section marks, you name it," one fan wrote in the comments. "Thank you for making the stigma disappear."

Another fan added, "I needed to see this. Thank you❤️," while a third wrote, "I love you so much, you have always helped boost my confidence xx❤️."

Earlier this month, Graham also opened up about her recurring night terrors as a new mom in an episode of Red Table Talk.

"So now that I have Isaac sleep trained, I put him down at 8 and I go to sleep, but usually in the hours between 12:30 and about 4 o'clock in the morning, I have what my husband is calling these night terrors," Graham said.

"In my sleep, I am hunting for my child. I'm like, 'Where is Isaac? Where is he?' " she further recounted. "I'm looking under the bed, I'm flipping my husband upside down, I'm turning on the lights. It's happening almost every single night. What is that?"

Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist, explained to Graham that this can be common for new moms, who become naturally protective of their babies.

"It's so beautiful to hear you say this because it's your body doing exactly what your body is supposed to do," she said. "Here you are in that first year, maybe in the first two years you have a baby, your cortisol levels are higher. For new moms, it makes them more alert, especially in the middle of the night."

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