Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal goes under the needle in the name of beauty

By Jillian Ruffo
June 30, 2017 06:05 PM

How do beauty editors get ready to bare their skin for summer? Here’s a hint: they don’t stop at shaving and spray tans. It’s all about sweat reducing, fat busting and skin smoothing treatments that prep their skin for the beach and pool. So this year, they’ve left the work to the pros — and we caught it all on camera for our “We Tried It” video series, above.

First up, PEOPLE Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal is on a mission to get rid of her pit stains — and with the help of dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman — and a needle — she’s ditching them until winter. And Lavinthal goes all in on the process, with the pro injecting her armpits with Botox, which prevents the body’s nerves from sending a message to the sweat glands, ultimately preventing perspiration. The result? Zero sign of sweat, according to Lavinthal, who was able to wear a silk dress without a worry.

Watch Lavinthal go under the needle above, then watch the full episode of We Tried It: Summer Beauty Treatments featuring Essence Fashion and Beauty Director Julee Wilson’s Coolsculpting (a fat-reducing body treatment with Dr. Aviva Preminger) and InStyle Executive Editor Kim Pfeiffer’s full-body microdermabrasion (which removes dead skin cells to reveal baby-soft arms and legs).

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