The Call Me By Your Name actor told Conan he's no longer wearing his signature look
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Cue Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

Armie Hammer, who earlier this year went through a period where he exclusively wore Adidas tracksuits, announced on Conan Tuesday that he’s officially done with the look for good. The Call Me by Your Name actor starting wearing the suits at the end of January while promoting the film in Paris, and continued wearing the comfy style — to internet acclaim — for weeks.

Hammer explained the origin story of his athleisure phase to Conan O’Brien, saying that after a 14-month period of doing CMBYN press he had “developed a case of what I like to call ‘the f— its,'” and that he “basically had senioritis.” (For those who were immune in high school, “senioritis” is when you just can’t anymore at the end of high school.) So the outfit came about because he realized “If I’m gonna continue to jump through these hoops and I’m gonna continue to talk about this movie that I’ve talked about ad nauseum, I’m gonna be comfortable.”

The look went onto become somewhat of a sartorial sensation, with Hammer’s wife Elizabeth Chambers dubbing it “Le Tracksuit” and posting additional behind-the-scenes photos throughout the tour. (It even inspired this writer to compile each time he wore them on Instagram into a photo gallery). Supermodel and Adidas ambassador Kendall Jenner even went so far as to say the actor was “killing it right now with his tracksuits.”

But soon, Hammer started to wear human clothes more and more, and we felt the tracksuits slipping away. Just before the Oscars, Chambers told W she was surprised the suits had received so much attention in the first place. “He’s completely over tracksuits now. He’s like, ‘Nope, they are becoming too popular. I’m over it.'” She added what may have been the nail in the coffin for “Le Tracksuit”: “I thought we were taking it a little too far.”

And Tuesday, Hammer made it official: “I would like to take this moment to officially announce my retirement from tracksuits. I’m done,” he announced to the TV host. “I got oversaturated and burned out on tracksuits.” He explained that right when he was over the style, “they started pouring in.” So how many did he end up with, when all was said and done? “I have 70 tracksuits in my closet. That is not even hyperbole.”

Hammer even listed some of the major designers who have sent him suits in the last few months. “Tom Ford offered to custom-make me a tracksuit. And really the icing on the cake? Oscar Mayer wieners sent me a tracksuit.”

And after amassing 70 matching sets, the actor has suits to spare, even offering to share with the 6-ft-4-in. host: “You and I could share tracksuits! We’re the same size. Do you want tracksuits?”

“I will wear your tracksuits, but only if they’ve been pre-worn by you,” O’Brien said, to which Hammer replied, “I’ve never washed a tracksuit.”