November 09, 2010 10:30 PM

Images Courtesy Armani

Putting herself in the shoes of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson was no easy task for Naomi Watts, but thanks to designer Giorgio Armani, the two were able to connect through fashion. Building on the women’s uncanny likeness and sophisticated taste, Armani and costume designer Cindy Evans got busy creating the character’s strong style. “When I saw the photo of Valerie courageously testifying before Congress, I wanted to play a part in this project,” explained Armani. “To me, that exemplified a power suit moment.” Plame Wilson, an Armani fan, admits that sharp suits provided her with a sense of security while the real-life drama played out. “Armani’s clothes are modern and feminine, always making me look my best and confident,” she said. “This became even more important when I found myself, reluctantly, placed in the public eye.” To check out the rest of Armani’s Fair Game looks, check out Fair Game with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, in theaters now. –- Justine Harman

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