August 16, 2017 11:48 AM

Ariel Winter is not a woman who will be told what to do. Whether in regards to her super glam red carpet looks, how she chooses to display her body on social media, what tattoos she picks to get permanently etched in honor of her boyfriend, or letting said boyfriend move in to her home. So since her laissez-faire attitude extends to pretty much every aspect of her life, it’s not all that surprising that Ariel came up with an equally unique and body positive way to celebrate returning to the set of Modern Family for the cast’s first day of filming, posting an underboob-baring Boomerang on social media. In honor of the reprisal of her role as Alex Dumphy on the smash hit sitcom, the actress shared a mirror selfie video holding the show’s latest script in one hand, rolling her eyes back in her head, and shimmying her hips side to side, captioning the Boomerang,”First day back filming #ModernFamily season 9.”

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While she may be back on set playing the prototypical bookworm Alex, her outfit in the post was anything but nerd chic. Ariel wore a pair of tight dark blue jeans that came up just a few inches below her belly button that she paired with a white ribbed tank top cropped at chest-level, leaving just a hint of underboob visible beneath. Likewise, while her hair is back to her familiar super dark shade of brown for the show, Winter was still wearing her signature on-hiatus full face of contour with mile-long false lashes. Long story short, if you have anything negative to say about how the teen is currently conducting herself, it’s probably best you keep it to yourself lest you feel the wrath of Winter’s clapback.

What do you think of Ariel’s latest look? Are you excited for the new season of Modern Family? Sound off below!

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