"Their initials are on my ribcage, on the side where my heart is," Winter shared on Twitter and Instagram

By Sarah
Updated December 01, 2020 08:23 PM

Ariel Winter previously revealed the significance of “1 of 3” of her new tattoos, and now the mystery meaning behind her second body ink is uncovered.

The Modern Family star debuted her ribcage tattoo on Twitter and Instagram Wednesday along with an explanation behind the tribute design.


Michael Tran/FilmMagic

“My second and most special tattoo, the initials of five of the most important beings in my life: my nieces and nephew,” Winter, 18, shared.

“Their initials are on my ribcage, on the side where my heart is. They are my inspiration, and my reason for living. Love these babies more than anything and proud to have their initials forever on my body.”

Winter’s nieces and nephew are: Dakota Patrice Workman, Skylar Athena Gray, Parker Eleni Gray, Demetra Eleni Workman and newborn Asher Ruben Gray. The actress has an older brother Jimmy Workman and older sister Shanelle Workman-Gray, who became her guardian in 2012 before Winter was emancipated.

In late March, Winter announced she had gotten a script tattooed on her right thigh when she posted a leg-baring picture on Instagram.

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