Ariel Winter Swears She's Not Flashing You Her Butt Cheeks on Purpose: 'My Ass Just Eats [Shorts] Up'

The actress once again shut down body-shamers over her latest fashion choices

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If there is one celebrity in Hollywood who seems impervious to the trolls, paparazzi, social media backlash, and the multitudinous pressures to conform to the artificial ideal of celebrity perfection, it’s surely Ariel Winter. Over and over again, the teen is forced to reiterate her deep, adamant lack of caring when it comes to what other people have to say about her, which can include everything from how fancy she looks on an otherwise low-key red carpet, to living with her boyfriend Levi Meaden, and even something as seemingly benign as being proud of her own body. So you best believe that when the Modern Family actress saw that the photos of herself in denim short-shorts while grocery shopping were making headlines on Tuesday, she had something to say about it.

Over Labor Day, Winter headed to the grocery store with her boyfriend to pick up some supplies, throwing on a casual weekend outfit consisting of a light grey mock turtleneck crop top, some cut-off jean shorts, and a pair of cowboy boots with her hair pulled back into a messy top-knot. But people quickly took note of this particular set of photos not for the sitcom star’s relatable choice in apparel, but for her short-shorts which revealed the lower crescent of her posterior, and Ariel was quick to defend herself on social media. “I literally do not try and show my ass when I wear shorts,” she wrote on Twitter. “My ass just eats them up and then I don’t notice…awkward af.”

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And this isn’t even the first time Ariel has had to respond to criticism over her choice in lower-body coverings. In the beginning of July, she went on a mini Twitter diatribe after seeing negative reactions to an Instagram photo she had posted in which she’s wearing a pair of black shorts and a lacy, lingerie-inspired bra top. She wrote in the screenshotted iPhone note, “Pretty annoyed about the focus on the fact that I wear shorts, and the commentary that I’m ‘squeezing’ into them or the idea that it’s not okay for me to wear shorts. It’s SUMMER. Get over it. It’s hot, I’m obviously going to be wearing minimal clothes.”

“Also, I’m not ‘squeezing’ into anything,” she continued. “My shorts fit me and everything I’m doing is just fine. Please leave young women alone. We’re just living our lives. It’s really troubling that we even have to deal with this kind of stuff nowadays. Please stop criticizing everything everyone does!!!!!” Unfortunately, something tells us this won’t be the last time Winter has to come to the defense of her love of booty shorts either.

What do you think of Ariel’s latest look? Do you have trouble finding shorts that fit? Sound off below!

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