Ariana Grande's Stylist Law Roach Breaks Down the 4 Key Details to Her Iconic Look

Law Roach explains that Grande's "big four" approach - mini, crop top, ponytail and boots - is all part of a styling strategy

When you think of Ariana Grande‘s style, you probably envision her high ponytail, her girly crop tops with super-short mini skirts and those sky-high over-the-knee boots. And that’s exactly how her stylist Law Roach wants it.

“This is the DNA of the Ariana look,” Roach tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “She’s made these elements iconic.”

Roach has worked with the pop star since 2015, and has been carefully constructing looks to shape her image ever since. “I coined, and now trademarked, the term ‘image architect’ because it’s exactly what I do with my clients,” Roach says about a roster of stars that also includes Zendaya and Céline Dion. “For me, it’s more about a big picture than a small detail.”

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For Grande, it’s the “big four” pieces that are synonymous with her pop-star image. “I always like to say if you put anyone behind a screen with a long pony, an A-line skirt, an over-the-knee boot, the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is now Ariana Grande,” Roach says. “I really do think that one of her ponytails will end up in the Smithsonian one day, that’s how iconic I believe that ponytail is.”

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So when they teamed up for her Sweetener world tour, which kicked off March 18, Roach’s fashion approach was to “take her authentic blueprint and make it feel fresh and elevated.”

The result is a mix of designs that play to her signatures while also being “absolutely feminine and superpowerful,” he says. “I want girls to see her and realize they too can become iconic by staying authentic to who they are.”

— Reporting by Sharon Kanter

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