Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Rarely-Seen Natural Curly Hair Texture — and Fans Love It

The pop star ditched her hair extensions and gave a glimpse of her natural curls

Ariana Grande just gave fans a rare glimpse of her natural curly hair.

While the pop star, 26, has become known for her sky-high, pin-straight ponytails, her true texture is actually much curlier and thicker than her everyday looks. So when Grande showed off her natural curls on her Instagram Story, fans were instantly obsessed.

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Ariana Grande/Instagram

In a brief clip, Grande filmed herself looking into a mirror with her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and ran her fingers through the ends as she embraced her texture.

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“you [sic] hair is insane. when will we see you on stage w it? @ArianaGrande,” one fan asked on Twitter.

Another fan agreed writing, “I LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR SO MUCH!! PLS WEAR IT LIKE THAT OFTEN @ArianaGrande.”


Grande previously showed off her hair sans extensions in February when she explained to fans that she’d been trying to grow it out after damaging it from bleaching it platinum blonde.

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“they gotta grow first ! that blonde last year …….. tarnished. BUT they’re like halfway back. :),” she replied to one of her fans on Twitter.

It hasn’t always been easy for Grande to wear her hair natural. The star previously explained that she also experienced damage when she bleached and colored it bright red for her Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat.

“My actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down,” Grande said. “As annoying as it is for y’all to look at the same hairstyle all the time, it’s all that works for now (and I’m comfortable for the first time in years).”

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