Ariana Grande Says She's 'Too Grateful' in Rare Natural-Faced Selfies Amid Bout with Bronchitis

Earlier this year, the "7 Rings" singer also gave fans a glimpse of her natural curly hair, which she's attempting to grow out again

Though she may be exhausted from back-to-back concerts, Ariana Grande is fighting through bronchitis for her fans.

The “7 Rings” singer, 25, posted a series of selfies on her Instagram Story that showed a more natural-faced look than fans have become accustomed to seeing from the star.

Alongside one smiling shot, the songstress referenced just how early in the day it was, writing, “why tf we up.”

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Grande seemingly answered her own question, telling fans that even though she felt “tired as hell” she was “too grateful to go back to bed.

“I’m sleeeep …. body, throat, everything tired as hell …. but grateful as f—. too grateful to go back to bed if that’s a thing,” she wrote, alongside a photo of herself cuddling up with her late boyfriend Mac Miller’s dog Myron.

Ariana Grande/Instagram
Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande/Instagram

Grande, who is set to perform in Boston on Saturday, revealed earlier this week that following her recent slate of shows, she’s been dealing with “bronchitis.”

“Man I always get sick on tour and like never get better lol. i’ve had bronchitis the past few shows (who’s surprised? no one)… but getting better,” she shared on Wednesday. “love y’all so much and this tour is a dream. new york, you make me sooooo happy. my babies have the best energy in the world.”

Earlier this year, Grande also gave her fans a look at one of the hairstyles they don’t often see from the star: her natural curls.

After sharing an adorable throwback shot of herself rocking her curly locks in February, fans started asking whether Grande would ever rock the same look again.

“They gotta grow first !” the singer shared, explaining that since dying her hair platinum blonde last year, it’s taken some time to grow her curls out again.

“It’s been a challenge,” she shared, adding that “they’re slowly gaining some length.”

Grande went on to explain that although it may be hard for some fans to believe, without glam, she still looks just like her younger self.

“If i’m honest ….. this is still exactly what i look like without lashes and my pony ….. anyone who knows me knows me knows ….. like …. i’m twenty five. i was five here. the only difference now is that hand now says bbq grill finger,” the pop powerhouse tweeted.

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