The latest "Pete" tattoo is the latest tattoo Ariana Grande has gotten since dating Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande just got another tattoo in honor of her fiancé Pete Davidson!

The singer’s manicurist showed off the latest Chanel-inspired nail art on Instagram Thursday, but all fans could notice was how the Saturday Night Live star’s first name was tattooed across Grande’s left-hand ring finger in cursive — just above her $93,000, 3-carat engagement ring.

Meanwhile Grande was in full fiancée mode on Friday, as she nursed him back to health following the removal of his wisdom teeth. “Why did my doctor put this thing around my face like it’s the 20s?” he captioned a selfie of himself and the “God Is a Woman” singer, who pouted her lips at the camera.

Grande also shared Davidson’s post-op recovery on social media with videos of herself kissing his bandaged head.

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This isn’t the first time the couple has gotten permanent body art to show their dedication to their whirlwind relationship and engagement.

Earlier this month, Grande chose to keep the memory of her fiancé’s late father alive when she got “8418” tattooed on her left foot. The badge number was worn by firefighter Scott Davidson, who died during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. (Pete has same numbers inked on his left forearm.)

In June, the comedian got a tattoo of a black bunny mask, which looks similar to an accessory Grande wore on the cover art for her last album Dangerous Woman, and the initials “AG” on his hand.

Others include a set of matching cloud tattoos she and Davidson got on their left-hand middle fingers as well as “REBORN” and “H2GKMO” (one of Grande’s favorite acronyms meaning “Honest to God, knock me out”) which they got on their right hands.

Also, the “always” tattoo across her ribcage appears to be in Davidson’s handwriting.