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Whether it’s Britney Spears‘ Curious, Justin Bieber‘s Someday or even Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP Stash, there’s a good chance you’ve had have at least one celebrity fragrance in your repertoire at one time or another. And you’re not the only one — celebrity fragrances sell. Case in point: Ariana Grande‘s collection of scents, which, thanks to her loyal fans, have brought in $150 million over the past two years.

The team behind her collection of fragrances – Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy and Ari by Ariana Grande – announced in a statement that she’s sold upwards of $150 million in retail sales globally since launching in September 2015. “The Ariana Grande fragrance business continues to defy the trajectory of celebrity fragrances,” said Joel B. Ronkin, Chief Executive Officer of LUXE Brands. “With Ariana’s undeniable status as an international superstar, the success of the Ariana Grande fragrance portfolio is certain to continue to reach new heights.”

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So how does that compare to other stars’ sales? One of the most recent celebrity fragrance launches, Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance collection, was projected to bring in $14.3 million in sales if all merchandise sold out, according to WWD. And judging by the fact that the collection was sold out within six days, she definitely met that mark. But according to WWD, Kardashian and Grande are outliers in a business that saw its peak several years ago.

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According to WWD, other top performers include Justin Bieber, who in 2012 had brought in $39 million annually from his Someday fragrance alone;  Jennifer Lopez, who by 2015 had raked in a total of nearly $2 billion from all of her 18 fragrances over the course of 10 years, and Paris Hilton – now on her 23rd fragrance – who had reportedly sold $2.1 billion collectively of all her scents by that same 2015 article. And Britney Spears’ scents can make upwards of $30 million a year, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

But the champion of all fragrance sales goes to Elizabeth Taylor, whose White Diamonds scent is one of the best-selling fragrances of all time, with over $1.5 billion in sales for that scent alone since its launch in 1991.

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