By StyleWatch
October 06, 2008 08:42 PM

Monty Brinton/Landov

So where does Aphrodite, the original and glamorous goddess of love, find fashion inspiration? eBay, of course. At least that’s where Jaime Murray, who plays the timeless goddess in the CW’s Valentine, looks for it. “I’m an eBay whore,” she told PEOPLE recently on the set off her new show, which premiered yesterday, about a family of Greek gods who work to bring soul mates together. Since the immortal character she plays is thousands of years old, her clothes have to strike a balance between modern and vintage. “There’s echoes of that draping, that asymmetrical one-shouldered thing,” she says, “and echoes of the 1940s and ’70s.” While surfing the auction site, Murray also keeps her co-star Autumn Reeser in mind. “She’s always sending me eBay links to vintage clothing,” says Reeser, who plays Phoebe, the goddess of the Oracle. “I’m kind of a California hippie girl, myself, so I’m really enjoying Phoebe’s wardrobe.” We have to admit, we’re pretty obsessive eBay fans ourselves. Tell us: What’s your biggest eBay score? –Elaine Aradillas